What to study to be Help Desk in Spain

If you are interested in the world of computing and you usually have the patience to solve computer problems for family/friends, the Help Desk profession could be a good choice for you. Find out what to study to be a Help Desk in Spain here.

Do you  want to know what you need to study to be a Help Desk in Spain?

If you are passionate about the computer world and usually have the patience to solve computer problems for family and friends, the Help Desk profession could be a good choice for you.


What is a Help Desk?

Help Desk is the professional in charge of advising and resolving incidents related to ICT (information and communication technologies).

Normally this work is related to the remote assistance of PCs , Software or Computer Equipment .

The Help Desk can be in charge of resolving end-user problems, or provide support to both external customers and other service recipients, such as company personnel.

It is a very suitable job for young people with computer skills who want to gain experience quickly.

What qualities are needed to be a Help Desk?

On a personal level, these qualities will help you to work and achieve excellence as a Help Desk Support Personnel:

  1. Initiative . Having a natural ability to take the initiative will allow you to be agile and efficient in finding solutions to your clients’ problems.
  2. Self-learning ability . The Help Desk profession will undoubtedly confront you with unknown challenges. You must be able to learn to solve the incidents of the users you attend, even if they are unusual problems.
  3. Vocation or spirit of service . If, in addition to computer skills, you are willing, patient, courteous and friendly, your career as a help desk should stand out and take you to the top of the profession.

Necessary studies to work as a Help Desk

To work as a Help Desk you will need to demonstrate computer skills above the usual user level on your CV. At Cipsa we recommend our range of Computer Systems Courses  , with which you can learn from Computer Repair to Communications and Networks .

Summary of the Help Desk profession

Advantages of Help Desk:

  • It is perfect to start in the world of work.
  • They usually work the right hours, neither more nor less.
  • Depending on the company that hires you, you can even train yourself in notions of system administration. You will also gain great experience in all kinds of problem solving .
  • You will learn time and stress management .
  • It can serve as experience and a basis for other better paid professions.

Disadvantages of Help Desk:

  • Sometimes you will need large doses of patience to deal with all types of users.
  • The average salary is €18,000 gross/year, although some offers that value languages ​​and other more specific skills can offer a much higher amount.

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