Sublime Text: Information and tricks to start from scratch

And it is that the first decision that a programming student must make is the choice of an editor to write code and that they can learn to master in a short time .

What is Sublime Text and what is it used for?

Sublime Text is a Text editor for writing code in almost any file format. It is specially designed to write without distractions. This means that it visually offers a dark environment where the lines of code you write will stand out so you can focus exclusively on them.

It is a paid IDE, but it has a working evaluation version with no deadline. You can try it and download it from its official page by clicking on the image

The current version is Sublime Text 3 , and it’s available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Advantages of Sublime Text:

  • Very light, easy to install and has a portable version.
  • Highlight all kinds of language with colors to visually spot bugs at a glance.
  • To learn it is a good option, because it helps you but it does not give you everything done.
  • It works on both Windows and Mac and Linux.


  • It is totally configurable, but if we want an advanced configuration it is a bit difficult to do for novice users.
  • It’s not free, the registered version is $80, but it’s worth it. If we do not have it registered, it does not lose any functionality, although a purchase message appears from time to time when saving a file.


There are several alternatives to Sublime Text. Some of them are WebStom, Atom , Brackets, Notepad++ , or Komodo.

There are also other very good Frameworks, but without the same philosophy of lightness and immediate writing that Sublime TEXT has. Some of them are: Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, or Aptana.

4 Tricks to start with Sublime Text 3 from scratch:

When using a text editor for the first time, the experience can be a bit frustrating. And there are many options, but not all of them are the best choice when you are a new user.

That is why I am going to give you some recommendations that can help you to start with sublime text 3 from scratch and easily.

  • If you want to start writing an HTML file and you don’t remember the structure start editing a blank file and make sure it’s in html mode. Now type: html and click tab (the key above Caps Lock)
  • If you don’t like the default colors , Sublime can be customized in the Preferences- Color Scheme menu , and you can choose several, but here comes the interesting part, I suggest you try Preferences-Theme and click on the Adaptative Sublime and you see the difference.
  • To change the font size we do it with Ctrl + mouse wheel to increase or decrease it, but if you want to leave it as it was, and you don’t find how to do it… it happens to many people, you have to do it like this: Preferences – Font – Reset .
  • Are you programming and do not want anything to distract you? Try the wonderful, Distraction Free Mode with the following key combination Shift + F11

I hope that the article Sublime Text: Information and tricks to start from scratch has been helpful to you, and encourages you to write code to your liking with this wonderful editor, or with any of the proposed alternatives.

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