The Masterclass you won’t want to miss

The speakers are Máxim García , Eduard Alcaraz and Montse Mansilla , great professionals of online communication and professors of the new call for the Master of Digital Marketing, who will delight us with a free class on “Position yourself or die”, one of the factors of more importance in today’s online marketing.

If you are interested in this class, you can choose to reserve your place at this link , since admission is free but capacity is limited.

This Masterclass is suitable for anyone who wants to learn new things, but it will especially interest you if:

  • You have a business and you would like to know how you can improve your online visibility to increase your sales and retain your customers.
  • You would like to work in a profession with high labor demand where you will be able to exercise creativity and ingenuity. Whether in its analytical-data, social variant (employing yourself as a social media in community management tasks), or as a positioning/SEO strategist, the specialization in Online Marketing is complete and exciting.
  • You want to meet our teachers before deciding to sign up for the Digital Marketing Master, which will start shortly at our center in Barcelona.

If you want to see the complete agenda, you can go to the Master’s website,, where you will find all the information that interests you. If you also want an advisor to contact you or need additional information, you can contact us through the chat on this page, call 934 265 087, or write to us through our form.

Soon we will be doing new digital marketing masterclasses, if you want us to notify you, send us a message with your data through the form.

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