The master’s degree in video game creation that you won’t want to miss

Are you passionate about video games and love programming? We have the perfect training for you: Master’s degree in video game creation will prepare you to get started in the profession of digital game developer.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in Unity, in our Video Game Courses in Barcelona and Bilbao you will find all the necessary tools to develop your projects.

It is well known that the video game industry has become a lucrative opportunity to generate business since today this sector, despite the crisis, continues to move an annual market of more than 60,000 million euros, and continues to grow and innovate with ideas. from people like you.

Create Videogames : A complete profession

The creation of a digital game is complex and consists of several phases that are worked on at a professional level. With the Video Game Creation Master you will be able to acquire knowledge of all these phases so that, after practicing and having contact with them, you can choose to specialize and work in the one you like the most.

If your dream was always to create a video game but you didn’t dare because you thought you weren’t good enough at design, with this master’s degree, in addition to programming, you will learn the process of creating games in 2 and 3D.

In few professions is there the opportunity to work on both creativity and logic. Nor is it very common for anyone with knowledge in digital game creation to have access to produce and publish their own work.

And that is the difference between this course and other training courses: The master’s degree in video game creation provides you with the keys so that you can decide between working professionally in a company in any of its possibilities -such as employing yourself as a game designer-, or designing and Publish your own creations on the different existing platforms of the market.

In any case, the master’s degree in video game creation will open the doors of this interesting sector for you.

Reserve your place now! Start the adventure of your life

With the master’s degree in video game creation you will learn specific programming fundamentals for digital games, how to get inspired to get ideas, and you will understand the process of creating the plot of video games. You will also delve fully into the development of 2 and 3D games. But this is only the beginning. With this specialized and professional training you will also learn what you need to know to make your ideas profitable: how to advertise and sell your creations.

But the best part is that through master’s degree in video game creation you will create a real video game development project , which you will carry out together with your classmates and which will be your official introduction to the world of digital game development.

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