The most dangerous fish in the world

They say that the shark is the king of the oceans, but there are other smaller marine species that can be more dangerous, fearsome or deadly than any other animal. These fish can be found in the seas or rivers of our planet.


Piranhas are well-known species that are characterized by a killer instinct and a taste for meat. They are not usually very large, but they move in banks and prey with their sharp teeth all together in an aggressive and merciless way.


It is known as Anglerfish, a true predator of the seas, thanks to the bioluminesence of the upper part it attracts its prey and then devours them.

Moral Eel fish lurk in the deep sea waiting for prey to pass by to attack. They are characterized by having two kinds of jaws in the pharynx (with teeth) and when they eat they release infectious toxic substances.


The Tigerfish is found in the rivers of Africa and is a natural predator with its ferocious teeth.


The Snakehead is known to devour any type of thing that is around its surroundings. It has a set of teeth full of small sharp teeth.

The Viperfish is a fish that is found on the seabed and is capable of devouring fish much larger than itself.


The Fanftooth is a predator with sharp teeth and has one of the most impressive teeth in relation to its size.


The Dragonfish camouflages itself in the depths, has huge and strong jaws , attracts prey with bioluminescence, then will mercilessly devour them.

Gloper Eel

The Gloper Eel is a small but fearsome predator of the ocean floor, which through its decomposing jaws is capable of eating much larger fish.

Conger Eel

The Conger Eel is a carnivorous fish with great power thanks to its large size and weight.

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