The Windows Taskbar – Function of Taskbar

The first thing we must do to then begin to customize the Windows taskbar is to know some fundamental aspects of it, such as that it is a long horizontal bar with buttons and icons. Function of Taskbar taskbar windows 7 windows 10 taskbar icons change taskbar icons windows 10

The taskbar is the one that allows us to find and start the applications that we have installed on the PC through the “Start” button , which is located in the left corner of the taskbar.

Likewise, as its name indicates, the Windows taskbar gives us the possibility to view the programs and documents that are open at that moment. taskbar windows 7

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On the other hand, through the Windows task bar we can view the current date and time, as well as all those programs that are running in the background. We can see all this in the area called “Notification area”, which is on the right side of the taskbar. taskbar windows 7

Reviewing a bit the history of the origin of the Windows taskbar, we find that the first version of the taskbar in Microsoft’s operating system was introduced in the Windows 95 version, after which the versions that followed included the taskbar with various changes and updates. taskbar windows 7

One of the major changes in the task bar came with the release version of Windows Vista and Windows 7, which was removed button “Quick Start” added the button “Start” we know today, and also several icons were hidden within the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar. taskbar windows 7

When the Windows 8 version was launched, the Microsoft company decided to completely eliminate the “Start” button , something that immediately generated strong displeasure among users and complaints generated worldwide, so the company added the button again. “Start” in the taskbar of Windows 8.1 version.

In general, with subsequent releases there were no major changes, and although in the case of Windows 10 we can see that the taskbar is still very similar to the one included in Windows 8.1, the truth is that a new search box was added belonging to the assistant Cortana, which Microsoft introduced with version 10 of its operating system. taskbar windows 7

Taskbar items Function of Taskbar

The Windows taskbar includes different elements, which are precisely located there to give users easy access. Below we review what these elements are and what their function is. windows 10 taskbar icons

In principle, let’s look at a screenshot in which the different elements of the Windows taskbar are shown:

Start button

Viewing the task bar from left to right, the first thing we find is the “Start” button , which is essential to be able to work on the computer and have access to the different applications. windows 10 taskbar icons

By clicking on the “Start” button , the so-called “Start” menu is displayed , where the accesses to the different programs, documents and system configurations are displayed. windows 10 taskbar icons

It is undoubtedly the main menu of Windows, since it helps users to access the different operations and procedures that the user wishes to carry out without problems, such as running an application.

Cortana Function of Taskbar

The next item on the Windows taskbar is the Cortana access icon. In some cases we can find the traditional search magnifier, which allows us to find programs and documents on the computer. windows 10 taskbar icons

Now, if we have chosen to have Cortana available on our computer, it is important to know that it is an intelligent personal assistant, with which we communicate through Windows voice recognition, and we can perform different tasks, and the fact stands out which can carry out those tasks automatically. change taskbar icons windows 10

Among the different functions that Cortana performs, it is worth mentioning that you can open applications, search for information on the internet, create notes and reminders, create alarms, play music and video, search for files within the computer, find the phone number of a contact and call , turn WiFi off and on, as well as the camera, Bluetooth connection, and more. change taskbar icons windows 10

“Task view” button

The next icon on the Windows task bar, which has a format that emulates different open windows with a scroll bar, is the button to access the “Task View”. change taskbar icons windows 10

The function that this button fulfills is that when you press it, the task view will be displayed on the screen, that is, the different open windows will be displayed , including documents and programs, so that we can access the one we want just by clicking on it.

Pinned and open programs area Function of Taskbar

The next part of the Windows taskbar consists of a sector, the one that occupies the most space within the bar, in which are the anchored programs and the applications and documents that are currently open.

Here a fundamental aspect that we have to take into account is that a pinned program means that the shortcut icon to said program will always remain on the Windows taskbar.

Of course, this is a parameter that we can define ourselves, that is, each user must choose which programs to anchor on the taskbar of their computer, in order to always have direct access to the applications available. usually use more often.

On the other hand, in this sector of the taskbar the icons of the programs and files that we have open at the moment will be displayed , which will be displayed with the icon belonging to the application that executes the file. When closing the application or file, the icon in question will no longer appear on the taskbar.

Button to see all the icons in the notification area

It is basically an upward arrow that when pressed shows us the elements included in the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar that remain hidden. change taskbar icons windows 10

There we find, for example, the icon of the printer, when it is connected to the PC, as well as the icon to eject external devices that are connected to the computer, such as a pendrive.

Notification area Function of Taskbar

Continuing from left to right of the screen, we then find a really important sector, called the notification area, which is located at the extreme right of the Windows taskbar.

It was when Microsoft released its Windows 95 version that the notification area on the taskbar made its appearance, and due to its great utility, even in current versions it continues to be an integral part of the taskbar.

Regarding the specific function that the notification area has, we must know that it fulfills the role of showing users those programs that are running in the background. At the same time, in the notification area we can find the date and time, the battery status in the case of a notebook, the status of the Internet and WiFi connection, the volume level, the language. of the system and so on.

There may also be icons of programs that we have indicated to start when you turn on the computer and keep running all the time. A frequent case of this type is when we choose to keep a Cloud storage program running.

Because of this, the notification area is sometimes referred to as the system tray, also known by the English term Systray. Below we detail the icons that we can find in the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar.

Arrow: by pressing it we can see some of the programs that have been running in the background, such as the antivirus, and from there we can access them.

Energy: The battery icon is only shown on laptops, and it helps us to know the battery charge level, as well as whether or not it is connected to the electrical network.

Network connection: In the event that our computer is connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi wireless network, we will be able to see the icon that indicates the status of said connection. In the case of being connected by cable, we will see the icon of a connected computer.

Volume: In the form of a speaker, the volume icon is used to indicate precisely the volume level of the speakers or headphones connected to our PC. From there, we have direct access to the volume settings of our computer.

Language: A series of acronyms is displayed that indicate the language selected for the system, for example we will see the letters ESP if we are using Spanish.

Date and Time: The notification area also includes the current date and time, and if we click on it, we can access a complete calendar from which alarms and notifications can even be defined.

Windows Notifications Function of Taskbar

Arriving at the end of the right sector of the Windows taskbar, we find the last icon of it, which many consider to be an integral part of the notification area, while others maintain that it is an independent access.

The Windows notification icon varies slightly in its shape according to the version of the operating system, but the truth is that its function is really specific, since it is there to notify us of different relevant information about the system and the tools we use.

taskbar windows 7
taskbar windows 7

The best example of this is that through the Windows notification icon we will be told that there is a new update available for the operating system to download and install.

Through there, users are also notified of the entry of a possible threat detected, messages that we have received on social networks, files that have recently been uploaded to the Cloud service that we are using, and other relevant information.

By clicking on the Windows notifications icon, a menu is displayed from which we can access the settings and functions of these services, for example starting the operating system update.

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