Thesis Example With Its Elements Or Parts In Detail

We will explain that what are thesis example? We call a thesis a document in which a person expresses a point of view based on their studies, or the conclusion of a scientific investigation, where the arguments, reasoning, evidence or elements that support the idea or hypothesis proposed to prove are exposed with your work. It is widely used in higher study degrees as a final work for the degree. thesis example

The purpose of a thesis is for a researcher or student to use it to obtain their professional title, as well as to present a contribution to knowledge, through the approach of a theoretical analysis, the result of an investigation or a new point of view. view on a subject subject to new discoveries. thesis example

Elements or parts of a thesis:

A thesis document generally consists of the following elements:

  • Cover page
  • Dedication and thanks
  • Introduction
  • Index
  • Chapters
  • Conclusion

Next, the characteristics of each of the parts that make up a thesis are explained. thesis example

Cover : Contains the following information: Institution in which you study or to which you belong. Faculty in which it is studied. Degree of study to be obtained. Thesis title. Name of the author or authors. Name of the director of the course or seminars, or of the reviewer. Place and date of printing of the thesis, generally month and year.

Dedication and thanks. In this section, we are grateful to parents, teachers, colleagues, friends and others who have made it possible to achieve the studies or the facilities to do the thesis. Sometimes a page can be used for each author.

Introduction : The introduction briefly explains, generally in a maximum of three pages, the topic and what will be exposed in the work. thesis example

Index : The pages of the chapters, conclusion, bibliography, and if any, the appendices, annexes and tables are indexed.

Chapters : In the chapters the ideas that are developed at work are exposed. In general, the first chapter explains the hypothesis to be demonstrated, its social or academic justification, and the methodology to be followed. The following chapters explain the background, describe the experiments or field tests, and make the corresponding comparisons and analyzes.

Conclusion : The conclusion briefly summarizes the analysis carried out and establishes why the hypothesis raised at the beginning is demonstrated. thesis example

Bibliography: Books, newspapers, magazines and all kinds of printed or audiovisual documents that are used to document the work are cited. thesis example

Appendices and annexes . In general, theses are written only in text, and when it is necessary to refer to a document, translation, tables, images or photographs to complement or clarify the exposition, they are generally added at the end of the text. In some cases, a glossary of terms can also be added.

Other Considerations . Among the aspects to be taken into consideration when preparing a thesis, is the format and type of paper. White bond paper is currently used. In universities and schools that follow the traditional format, thesis-size paper, 17 by 21 cm, is used. It is becoming more and more widespread that the thesis is carried out following the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), using letter-size paper, 21.6 by 27.9 cm., With margins of one inch (2.54 cm) on the four sides of the page . Sometimes the left margin is allowed to be 3 cm, to facilitate binding. thesis example

The sheets are printed on one side only. It is preferred to use Times New Roman font, in size 12, although sometimes Arial font is also allowed, also in size 12. Double spacing will be used, unless the institution indicates otherwise. Footnotes should be made in font size 10 and with single spacing. Each institution can indicate a minimum number of pages, which ranges between 60 and 100. thesis example

Thesis ExampleExample of a thesis thesis example

(In some parts only a few paragraphs are shown as a sample of the content of each section)

Cover page 

National Autonomous University of Champotón

Viral education thesis example

Thesis, which to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Education presents

Juan Edelmiro de la Rosa

Campeche, August 2017


I dedicate this thesis to my parents and my brothers, who have supported me at all times and in all possible ways.

I also especially thank María Pérez, who helped me with the technical part of the research. thesis example


Education is a priority in our nation. But education systems seem to lag behind the entertainment media. Now with the generalization of multimedia devices, video platforms, especially YouTube, we can watch at any time and at any time, all kinds of content, both entertainment and educational.

But in this context we find ourselves with a situation that is sometimes advantageous, and in others it is an obstacle: there is a great offer of content that coincides with the study plans, and that however are incomplete or very boring. You can also find entertaining materials, which may exceed what is necessary for the program, although they are the least or are in another language. thesis example

The purpose of this thesis is to argue that quality content can be produced, at a low or reasonable cost, that is appropriate for the education of children, and above all, that it is not tedious for them. Content that can also be produced and viewed across the country. thesis example


Introduction I

Chapter 1: problem statement 1

Chapter 2: Digital Platforms 12

Chapter 3: Video Production and Viralization 22

Chapter 4: Making and Editing the Pilot Video 51

Conclusion 75

Bibliography 115


Table 1: Most viewed content on YouTube.

Figure 1: Focus angles

Figure 2: types of inexpensive cameras

Figure 3: thesis example

Chapters :

Chapter 1: Problem Statement

Education must be in line with the times, and today we have an eminently audiovisual world, facilitated by mobile devices, which allow us to see and capture photos, audio and video practically anywhere. thesis example

We can take advantage of audiovisual media to complement education according to education programs, in addition to providing a plus to students, and why not, to any other person interested in the subject and to other national educational systems. thesis example

However, the main obstacle that comes to mind in the creation of this content is the cost of production and above all, how to make this content enjoyable.

To develop this work we have combined two methodologies. On the one hand, we carried out a theoretical investigation, with documents, interviews on the educational methods applied by experienced teachers and the observation of videos; and on the other, the production of a video using the technical means at our disposal. thesis example

Chapter 2: Digital Platforms

One of the great milestones in the history of the Internet was the creation of YouTube in 2005, a platform capable of hosting and playing videos, which was also possible thanks to the cheaper broadband or high-speed Internet.

Initially, the YouTube platform only allowed uploading videos of less than 10 minutes, or whose size was less than 100mb.

Not very shortly after, platforms emerged that have remained in force to this day, of which we can highlight five:

  • Dailymotion
  • I see
  • Metacafe
  • Vimeo
  • Dalealplay

Next, we explain some characteristics of each of these services.

Given the advantages and disadvantages, for this work we will focus on YouTube, as it is the most used platform in Mexico.

Chapter 3: Video Production and Viralization

Video production

Sometimes creating a video seems more like a mix between a casual video and a Hollywood production. There are several points to take into account and that we will explain below:

Technical means: Being an audiovisual production, what we must take care of the most is the quality of audio and video. Basic cameras, and even many current phones, have more than acceptable video quality for YouTube. As for the audio, we must evaluate if the quality of the camera is sufficient or we will need a microphone extension, or even record the audio track separately, to later splice it and correct errors.

Script : Another very important point is the development of a script or script. In addition to having the content of the program and its format, it will indicate if a slide should be shown, some visual support or if a certain scenario is required.

Scenario : The place where the video will be recorded can be an open space, a classroom with children, or a studio (professional or improvised) specially prepared for the recording. It can even be a mix of all of them.


Once the video is recorded, it goes to a “polishing” process, in which some erroneous parts are eliminated, images, slides, and text that support the explanation are inserted.

There are a multitude of software tools, both free and paid, that are used for editing and inserting, some simpler, and others more complex. These are some of the most used:

Windows Movie Maker

Machete Video Editor lite

Pinnacle VideoSpin


Sony Vegas

Adobe AfterEffects

Any of these tools allows us to obtain a better result in our video, as well as correct some errors. Obviously we will not get the same result with something basic like Windows Movie Maker, as with professional programs like Sony Vegas. However, depending on our level of expertise and the resources available, we may be able to obtain a very acceptable result.


Viralization is the phenomenon whereby a video spreads rapidly, and is seen by many millions of people in a region or around the world. There is no rule for viralization, as there are videos that become famous immediately, and others that, after having been almost forgotten for a while, suddenly resume and go viral. However, this virality allows its creators to make a profit through monetization tools. thesis example

There are also some formulas to choose the names and make the descriptions of the videos, so that they are more easily found by browsers, which helps viralization and monetization.

Although the purpose of the videos is to provide support didactic material and not exactly make money with it (which at a given moment can be useful and a means of financing), we can use SEO tools, Adwords and other related tools , so that our video appears in the first searches of the browser and YouTube.

Chapter 4: Making and editing the pilot video

To check the ideas presented up to here, we made a pilot video. To record it, the following material was used:

Fuji av100 camera, 12mpx.

Cassette recorder, Sony model VOR-15

In addition, as support material, a slide presentation has been used, which will be added in post-production, as well as scenes from the film “Our Father” (Mexico, 1953), as well as various documentaries on the jungles. thesis example

The script is planned to film some scenes on Xbacab, while others will be filmed in a classroom, with students asking questions. The expected duration is approximately 20 minutes.

The Xbacab images were recorded over the weekend. On Monday the scenes were recorded in the classroom. The post-production process took place in the next three days. The result was a 17:46 video, which was uploaded to the Educa Champotón YouTube account. thesis example

Final Thought :

Attentive to the exposed theory and following the production and post-production steps of the video, it was possible to create and upload the video at a reasonable cost, taking into account that the transfer to the location was to a point near this city. The Amateur production costs and post-production time were reasonable. Based on this experience, it is shown that the creation of educational videos with national content and production is viable, and does not require great technical requirements, although it is necessary to prepare an adequate script and anticipate post-production times. thesis example


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