10 Tips for Creating a Photo Slideshow or Presentation

Creating a slideshow or slideshow that can be enjoyed for years to come is not difficult.

Here are some tips that can help you:

  1. Know your audience Knowing who the presentation is aimed at is your first goal, but it is sometimes overlooked when developing the presentation.
  2. Shorter is sometimes better . How many photos or slides do you want to include in the presentation? Presentations that are between 8 – 12 minutes in length are ideal for a wedding or quinceañera receptions. This is usually solved with 3 background songs and 60 to 80 photos.
  3. Choose quality photos . Images that look great in print (correct lighting and framing) also look great when scanned. Images that are too dark or damaged will not look very good.
  4. Choose a variety of photographs . Use photos that can hold the interest of the public.
  5. Horizontal Landscape photos display better than portrait images . Given the 4:3 dimensions on standard monitors, photos in landscape (horizontal) mode compared to portrait (vertical) mode look better in a presentation or slideshow.
  6. Give some thought to the music . Choose background music that has meaning to you, music whose lyrics go well with the images.
  7. Add short video clips . Consider adding a few seconds of video in the middle of the presentation. The video clip is a way to maintain the interest of the audience.
  8. Add motion to your slideshows. Consider making your slideshows have zoom effects on each photo. This can help bring your photos to life.
  9. Add transitions to your slideshows Transitions like fade in / fade out, dissolve allowing harmony between images.
  10. Test! Test! Test! If you are thinking of showing a presentation during an event, do tests, remember to test all the equipment before the big day or let CAVSI take care of it.

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