Tips for the care of our pets in autumn

Autumn marks the return to routine for everyone, also for our animal companions. During this season the hours of daylight are reduced and the temperatures drop, so all this can end up affecting them as much as we do. At this time of year you may notice that your pet feels more apathetic and reduces its appetite, but, in addition, you must take into account the change of its coat or the presence of certain parasites in the environment that can influence its health and mood. To detect and minimize these changes, pay attention to the following article.

In EcologíaVerde we give you some tips for the care of our pets in autumn , thanks to which you can enjoy all the good things that autumn has to offer.

Take your pet for a vet checkup

The deworming of pets is one of the most important care and it is essential to prepare them for the fall. As it happens at other times of the year, it is important to use veterinary products , such as shampoos, pipettes and antiparasitic collars that allow you to keep your pet protected from fleas, ticks and other parasites, since the presence of some can last beyond the summer.

For this reason, we recommend that after the summer you schedule a check-up at the vet to rule out diseases that usually manifest in the fall, such as heartworm or leishmaniasis. It is also important to check the general health of the animal when returning to the routine, since, for example, if it is older and suffers from osteoarthritis, when the cold begins in autumn it will feel pain that it should also be checked by the vet.

Returning to schedules, which include your work hours, and routine in general can negatively affect your pet. The change of schedules and even of place during the holidays can cause the need to have some adaptation time to recover the daily life . In this sense, you must be patient and re-regulate their hours of walks, games and meals so that little by little they recover their own normality.

Watch your diet and weight

Just as you can gain some weight during the holidays, due to the change in routine, your pet can also gain weight at this time. With the arrival of autumn, the time has come to monitor your pet’s weight a bit and to do this you must weigh his food, which is recommended to be as natural as possible, and always give him the recommended ration for his weight, age and physical activity . This combined with long and liberating walks will allow you not only to manage your energy better, but also to regain your optimal weight.

It is also possible that if you had more free time, you and your faithful companion have been more active and have lost weight or, that they have lost it due to having spent several weeks with various changes. If you are still at an optimal weight, do not worry, but if you need to gain some weight, you will have to review both the type of activity you do and your diet.

In addition, to strengthen your immune system, it is recommended to bet on specific foods, such as those rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants.

Give him a daily brushing

With the arrival of autumn, the shedding of pet hair occurs , so it is important to carry out daily brushing if we want to keep both hair and skin healthy and strong. In addition, the drop in temperatures and the increase in humidity can lead to dermatological problems, such as dermatitis, so it will be important to keep them groomed and dry.

Sudden temperature changes and the arrival of cold also affect our pets. Autumn is the time of flu and colds for everyone, so to properly prevent colds in dogs, cats and other animals, you should avoid drafts and sudden changes in temperature , as well as avoid contact with other animals that are sick. and help him to raise his defenses , with food and even with supplements for veterinary use.

In case you perceive that your pet shows any symptoms of a cold, it will be advisable to go to the vet in order to obtain the best treatment.

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