Tips For Purchase of Bird Nets

We express the tips on buying bird nets. Apart from insects, the diet of birds is also made up of seeds, fruits and other plant extracts. Their activities are very interesting for bird watchers but may not be for farmers and gardeners. Rather than welcoming birds, farmers often consider them pests. Gardens and crops are sometimes damaged because birds feed on fruits and seeds. To protect plants against attack by birds, a bird net is often considered an effective mechanism to save crops. The following tips can help you when buying bird nets for vineyards.

Tips on buying bird nets

  • Before buying a net, it is advisable to know to what extent the crops will be covered. Take a look at the number of rows you want to cover or if it is all planted. In case the humidity of the region is very high, it would be ideal to cover the rows individually instead of the entire terrain.
  • In the market you will find a great variety of nets for birds and you may feel puzzled when choosing the ideal one. It is recommended to consult a local agricultural engineer before making the purchase. Learn about the birds that pose a threat to your crop and the type of network that would be effective in protecting it.
  • When buying the net you must make sure that the material is durable and that it has protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun and is resistant.
  • You must check the strength during the purchase. The strength of the network varies due to various aspects and the most important of all is the Denier. Denier is the thickness of the thread or monofilament used to weave or knot the net. The thickness of the yarn or Denier varies from brand to brand but generally ranges from 410 to 540.
  • You must be careful with the weight of the net because the higher the Denier the greater the weight of the net. Most bird nets generally weigh between 24 and 50 grams per square meter. The weight of the net also depends on the number of stitches per square meter. The weight of the net will be quite high due to the number of seams even if the Denier is light.
  • The construction of the network is also very important. The square network has a containment point at each corner. The hexagonal mesh consists of three points that hold each side.
  • It is recommended not to buy nets that are single-woven. You can check it by pulling a thread and you will end up untangling 3 or 4 points in case the net is a single point.
  • The shadow factor of the bird net should also be considered. You should always use a white net to promote the rapid maturation of the crops.

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