6 interesting tricks for Word

Some of these tips will also help you set up Word to streamline your daily tasks.

The tricks that I propose are: Create texts automatically . How to Create QR Codes with Word . Unsaved Closed File Recovery . How to configure auto-save in Word . Translate texts into another language . And finally how to download all the images that are in a Word easily.

Trick 1: Text created Automatically

If you are doing tests with documents and need to generate a long document, Word allows you to get as many paragraphs as you want with random text. All this quickly and easily.

It is enough that we put the following command in a blank Word document:


The 3 is equivalent to the number of paragraphs that we want to obtain and the 4, the number of lines that we want in each paragraph.

Trick 2: Create QR codes with Word

QR codes have many uses. They direct to a web page, a location or a download link, for example.
You can create QR codes through a plugin that you can integrate into Word. It is called QR4Office and to use it you will need to download and install it.

Once you have installed it, access it through the Insert > My Add-ons menu. Now you only need to indicate the URL that you want to encode in QR and configure the colors and size you want.

Trick 3: Recover closed files without saving

When Word unexpectedly closes, there is an option to recover the file you were working on when it happened.

When you open Word again, the documents that have not been saved will appear in the left panel. From there you can try to recover them. If you don’t get it, the following trick will be very useful so that it doesn’t happen to you again.

Trick 4: Set auto save in Word

Sometimes while we are writing a document we suffer an unexpected closure of Word, or the power goes out, with the bad luck that all the work we have done since the last time we saved the document is lost.

Word allows you to autosave every x minutes automatically. This way you won’t have to worry about saving manually every so often with the save button.

To set this option, go to the File menu > Options > Save and select Save recovery author information. Now you only need to indicate every how many minutes you want Word to save your work automatically.

Trick 5: Translate Text to another Language

Whether you have received a document in another language or you have to send it, Word offers the possibility of quick translation.

To do this, you only need to select the text to be translated and from the Review > Language > Translator menu, choose the option and the language you need to translate. You can also do it from the context menu that appears when you click the right mouse button.

Trick 6: How to download all the images of a Word

Do you have a document with many images and you want to download them all? Word makes it easy to do it all at once. To do this you only need to access the File> Save as
menu , and select the option to save as a filtered web page and in HTML format. When saving in this format, Word stores all images in one folder.

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