Types of HDMI connectors

The HDMI connectors simply plug into and remove from power outlets without any locking, they are used as part of the High Definition Multimedia Interface system. HDMI is a digital method of transmitting audio and visual information. A connector is simply the plug at the end of a cable. There are four main models of HDMI connectors, although only three are commonly used: HDMI Type A

HDMI Type A connector

This is the original HDMI version 1.0 19-pin connector. They are the most common connectors and are often simply referred to as the standard connector. It is the plug and socket combination found on most HD connections, and unless a manufacturer specifies otherwise, an “HDMI connection” will typically be Type A. The commercial part of the connector is about 19 mm wide.

HDMI Connector Type B – Extended Pin

Extended 29-pin HDMI 1.0 connector instead of 19-pin. They are slightly wider than Type A at about 21.2mm wide. The additional pins allow for a “dual-link DVI” connection that carries more information, and Type B half connectors can carry twice the detail of Type A video. As there is no current demand for such detail, Type B connectors they are not in common use.

HDMI Type-C Connector – Mini

HDMI version 1.3 or “mini” connectors, they are very similar to type A, with 19 pins, the difference is that the plug is smaller, about 60% of the type A connector. It measures 0.09 x 0.41 (2.42mm x 10.42mm) in compared to 0.18 x 0.55 in (4.45mm x 13.9mm). This connector was designed to be used primarily with portable devices that don’t have as much space as desktop computers. A special cable can be used to convert between types C and A.

Conector HDMI Tipo D – Micro

It’s an even smaller connector than the Type A and Type C connectors, released with HDMI version 1.4 to enable high-definition video connectivity for cell phones, pocket cameras, and other portable handheld devices. It can handle video signals up to 1080p resolution. These connectors also have 19 pins with a size of 0.11 x 0.25 (2.8mm x 6.4mm). This connector is approximately 50% smaller than the HDMI mini connector.

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