Types of Technology Devices

Now that we have walked a bit through the different historical moments in which technology was developed and modified to suit each situation, we can take a broader look at the term “technology”. We know that this word basically applies to the set of technical knowledge that is applied to improve the quality of life. Types of Technology Devices types of gadgets electronic gadgets list electronic technology examples

We must also know that there are several technological categories, and it is a mistake to think that technology is only one. To resolve any questions we may have with this issue, from this point on, we can delve into the different types of technology that exist. types of gadgets electronic gadgets list

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Types of technologies: Classification of the different types Types of Technology Devices

To know with certainty all the aspects that make up the technology, below we can see the way in which the types of technology are classified with the aim of dividing it according to the purpose they serve the different human groups and the environment in which they operate. types of gadgets

Fixed Technology Fixed technology is a type of technology whose main characteristic is that it is not reusable, which means that it is not useful for other purposes except its primary purpose. It is known as “Fixed Technology” because it does not change continuously or it does so very slowly. Examples of fixed technology could be the oil industry, the steel industry, and the cement industry.
Flexible Technology Flexible technology is one of the types of technology that is most in contact with us in every aspect of our daily lives. It is called “Flexible Technology” mainly due to its ability to adapt to other types of requirements, that is, its concepts can be adapted and applied in other services and technologies. Examples of flexible technology are the pharmaceutical industry, the Internet, and the microprocessor industry. electronic gadgets list
Soft Technology Basically when we talk about soft technology we refer to a type of technology that brings together the knowledge of marketing, planning and administration, that is to say “Know How”. Hard technologies generally require soft technology to exist first. This type of technology is called this way because it does not have a physical body, since they are pure knowledge. types of gadgets

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Dura Technology “Hard Technology” is called the entire set of technical knowledge applied to the transformation and development of raw materials for the manufacture of all types of devices. electronic gadgets list electronic technology examples

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Equipment Technology The “computer technology” is a type of technology implemented in the industry. It refers to the ability of the manufacturer or supplier of the raw material to develop its own equipment and be able to carry out its activities. Some examples of equipment technology are the plastics industries or textile plants.

electronic technology examples
electronic technology examples
Operation Technology This type of technology is based on the observation and collection of data from other technologies through specific techniques, which then allows them to be transferred, adapted and implemented in other technological processes.
Product Technology The “technology product” is the technology that allows to study, group and concentrate all processes and skills involved in the development and production of a certain product or service. electronic gadgets list electronic technology examples
Clean Technology The “clean technology” refers to all those technologies that do not produce any alteration in the environment in which they are implemented. This type of technology is based on the rational use of resources, trying not to affect the natural system in which it is found. electronic gadgets list electronic technology examples

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