Utilities of trees

I keep talking to you about trees and the many things you can get out of them, as well as giving you some tips for their care. Today I would like to talk to you about the utilities of trees since they have multiple benefits depending on the type of tree you plant and the species that it is. uses of trees importance of trees uses of plants Benefits of planting trees

What are trees for

Take note of the main uses they have:

  • They provide shade : Undoubtedly this is something very important since in any garden a shady area is always needed to be able to rest or to make some crops of species that do not accept sunny areas well.
  • They humidify the environment : Both trees and plants are at all times releasing water vapor through the leaves, a fact called perspiration and that makes the air cool, humidified and the environment can benefit from it. Uses of trees uses of plants

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  • They oxygenate the air : Many trees produce oxygen daily, some of them with an amount that benefits up to 10 people. The greater the mass of leaves the trees have, the more oxygen they will produce.
  • They reduce pollution : Trees retain dust and any other particles that float in the air in their leaves, so we can all breathe much better. When the leaves fall in autumn and are taken to a landfill, they carry away the polluting dust, thereby reducing pollution by a large amount. Uses of trees Benefits of planting trees
  • They reduce noise : The larger the specimen, the more isolated your garden will be from outside noise.
  • They produce food : This is also a very important factor since thanks to fruit trees we can get a lot of fruits, spices, oils, gums, rubber, fibers, resins and much more. uses of plants Benefits of planting trees

    Benefits of planting trees
    Benefits of planting trees
  • Animal Shelter: They serve to shelter a multitude of animals (mainly birds) that can form their nests among its branches. importance of trees
  • Decorative : All the trees are so pretty that you can give a fantastic look to any area that you put it on.

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