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Immersing yourself in digital video editing is exciting. It is a world full of creativity that allows you to become a producer and express your ideas in visual and surprising ways. But doubts arise when you have to choose the digital tools to edit and make effects for videos: What editing programs are needed to achieve professional results?

Premiere: The first step is to edit

Just like a house can’t be built from the roof up, you need to learn how to edit your work before you can incorporate effects for spectacular videos .

Premiere is the professional video editing program that will allow you to cut, edit, correct, insert voice… With only this software you could already do complete jobs since it also includes several effects for videos that you can use.

Therefore, it is a good decision to start training in Premiere before trying to advance in effects for more sophisticated videos. In addition, learning Premiere will be a rewarding choice since you will start to progress from the first day and your steps will be directed towards a serious and safe training.

After Effects: Post-production and the final touch

Once you have solid knowledge in editing, if you wish, you can complement it with other post-production programs, with which you can give your creations a final touch.

After Effects is like the Photoshop of video. But even though it is famous in post-production effects, you should know that this program has a steep learning curve , that’s why we want to share our experience in this field and advise you that sometimes it is better to choose to learn Premiere well than to try to train yourself. in Effects without prior knowledge.

In editing and effects for videos there is only one thing clear: you have to practice, be patient, correct mistakes and have experts to answer your questions.

Requirements and other tips

Whether you opt for Premiere or if you later also study Effects, keep in mind that your computer must have some minimum requirements for this type of program to work productively. Without these minimums you could find yourself with a slowdown in rendering, or what is the same: the digital editing experience would be tremendously slow and cumbersome.

You will need a high performance processor, good graphics card and RAM memory . Although in many places less equipment is specified than the one we suggest, at least make sure you have a 64-bit operating system and 4 to 8 GB of DD3 RAM.

In fact, the ideal would be to have an i7 processor, several terabytes of hard drive and 16 GB of RAM as well as a high-end graphics card to work smoothly.

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