Virtual Reality: Characteristics, Objectives and History. Lenses and Games

Beyond the limitless imagination, and the science fiction stories that have accompanied us since childhood, today it is possible to end the barriers that exist between the real world and a totally perceptual and unreal world, thanks to the technologies developed in based on the virtual reality platform. New VR Technology

Without a doubt, virtual reality has revolutionized the world in its various fields , beyond computing, since this technique is also widely used in medical, educational, space environments and a long list of scientific activities.

This has been possible, not only because of the attractiveness that virtual reality presents for people, but also because of the  enormous amount of advantages and functionalities that this discipline offers.

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Virtual Reality: History and its different types New VR Technology

Historically, a system developed by the Philco Corporation company in 1958 is usually pointed out as the origin of virtual reality . This system had been designed to achieve the generation of artificial environments, which people could access through the use of a visual device in the form of a helmet, which could be controlled through the movements that users made with their heads.

Subsequently, various scientists created a series of more advanced helmets, which allowed us to  examine the graphic environments developed for this purpose. 


At the end of the sixties, and due to the support received by NASA for research in the field of virtual reality, interactive environments  began to be created , which offered the possibility that users could participate in the environment. virtual with your whole body. 

A short time later,  advances in this area managed to incorporate endless alternatives that improved the experience  in the use of virtual reality , such as the possibility of moving graphic objects, creating three-dimensional and stereoscopic environments and allowing interaction between different people.

Over the years,  virtual reality has been applied to various fields, providing a suitable environment not only for entertainment, but also for scientific, work and home use.

It should be noted that  there are two types of virtual reality,  which differ because they basically use two different methods for user participation.

Types of virtual reality: Immersed virtual reality New VR Technology

As its name implies, it  allows people to perceive themselves within the artificially generated three-dimensional virtual environment  .

These three-dimensional environments are generally created by computers, and user participation is realized through various devices, such as HDM helmets-visor, gloves and others, accessories that  allow capturing the position and movements that the person performs with his body , to later represent it in the virtual reality environment.

Types of virtual reality: Non-immersed virtual reality New VR Technology

Also known as desktop virtual reality, it  is similar to Internet browsing, since it is a kind of navigation, in which only the computer is used, since it does not require the use of other devices.

This type of virtual reality has been disseminated and widely accepted, since it works by representing an unreal world in the space of a window on the PC desktop, and because it only requires the use of a computer, a mouse and a keyboard it is one of the cheapest forms of virtual reality.

For this reason, a large number of video games that are currently marketed have incorporated some elements of non-immersed virtual reality , to offer users an environment that generates active participation of the players.

What is Virtual Reality and how does it work? New VR Technology

In order to carry out this metaphor,  virtual reality must be expressed in a type of graphic computer language with three-dimensional characteristics , and that it also has a dynamic behavior that is executed in real time.

Its main characteristic is based on the fact that the user is incorporated inside the computerized three-dimensional graphic environment, for which the suspension of disbelief is required, that is, to  convince the person that he is within that world, in order to to achieve the integration and interaction of the user in said medium.

For this, virtual reality has been developed with the ability to emit an infinity of reactions to the actions carried out by users, providing a framework that offers an immersive, interactive and multisensory experience.

What virtual reality does is  eliminate the border that has always existed between the real and the unreal,  blurring the limits that separate both worlds, thus offering a huge range of possibilities, beyond what we imagine.

Although many times most people tend to associate virtual reality with entertainment and computer games, the truth is that due to its great possibilities,  this platform is used in various fields. 

Basically, when talking about virtual reality, it can be said that it is a type of complete computer system that provides an  interface that generates artificial environments within equipment designed for that purpose,  managing to represent that illusory reality in real time.

It is virtual, because as its name indicates,  it is a reality that can only be perceived,  but not touched, since it can only exist in the corresponding equipment, such as computers. 

What elements are needed to have Virtual Reality? New VR Technology

To be part of  immersed virtual reality, it is not only necessary to have the necessary software tools for this, but it is also essential to use a series of  devices that allow the user to enter this parallel world, such as helmets, gloves and other items.

However, beyond the components necessary to establish a virtual reality , said platform needs an operating mechanism that makes it possible. 

Computer and software: Keys to having Virtual Reality New VR Technology

A computer and a certain type of specially designed software are essential, which will be responsible for  creating the illusion of virtual reality.  This set of elements, made up of the computer equipment and the applications, is called the  Reality Engine . 

The key to creating an optimal virtual reality system is based on the incorporation of powerful equipment with extensive processing capabilities , a point that is more than important if we take into account the significant amount of data to encode that will flow from the input sensors.

In this way, the computer and the software will obtain the information necessary to emit the appropriate reactions  to each of the actions of the user who participates in virtual reality.

Each new data that appears is also stored in the memory of the computer,  expanding the database in order to offer an increasingly detailed three-dimensional simulation. 

The virtual reality machine New VR Technology

The so-called reality machine is the main core of the virtual reality system , since it is in charge of processing, managing and generating the virtual worlds and all the responses to the different operations that the user executes.

Although it is the software that will be in charge of generating and sending the necessary instructions to the computer,  it should be noted that the computer equipment used will limit the power and effectiveness of the virtual reality system.

Fundamentally, the computer is in charge of controlling and managing three important tasks for the creation of the virtual world : data entry, data exit, and the generation, operation and administration of virtual worlds.

That is why, in general , workstations or supercomputers are used to set up a virtual reality system , since adequate equipment is required, which allows the user’s movements to be reproduced in real time and to execute the reactions to said actions without delay. .

However, a virtual reality system can also be developed with a single home computer , as long as it has the necessary power to make the reality machine work correctly, as we can see further down in this article.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the reality machine composed of the computer and the software,  it is also necessary to use various elements that the user must use in order to achieve a realistic experience in the virtual world, which are detailed below .

Virtual Reality Glasses New VR Technology

In general , glasses, gloves and helmets specially designed for virtual reality are used , which have motion sensors, microchips, liquid crystal displays, and others, so that the virtual reality created by the virtual machine surrounds the person who she is immersed in this unreal and perceptual world.

However, at present, and despite the great development that in recent years has improved the implementation of virtual reality systems, there are still a number of drawbacks in the use of this platform, which must be improved to provide a satisfactory experience in this field.

Characteristics and objectives of Virtual Reality New VR Technology

The  virtual reality  is characterized by a number of key aspects that define it , and through these technical specifications have been developed, modified and improved over the years,  today it is possible to approach the real objectives of this platform that provides a framework for participate of an unreal world. 

In principle, it should be noted that virtual reality is based on the metaphor of the creation of a world that unfolds according to a series of rules of coexistence, which are characterized by being totally flexible, according to the degree of commitment that exists with the  artificial intelligence  that governs it.

Furthermore, this world, which we could call parallel, is made up of  objects that interact with the actors who participate in said virtual reality.

Objectives of Virtual Reality New VR Technology

All these characteristics try to achieve that virtual reality achieves the objectives for which it was created, which basically  aims to generate an environment that cannot be differentiated from physical reality,  since through said physical world, virtual reality uses it to replace it through an information input and output environment, through a computer.

The fundamental idea, for which virtual reality was developed, has always been to  achieve the creation of an unreal but possible world , which is why it has been endowed with objects that have relationships between them and allow the interaction of people in said unreal universe.

Therefore, it is fundamentally necessary the participation and interaction of people within this world, who can even modify the rules that govern virtual reality with their actions.

Is it possible to have a virtual reality platform at home? New VR Technology

Due to the great fame that the virtual reality platform has achieved at a massive level, today it is possible to mount a virtual reality system on any computer that meets the minimum requirements , and the use of different accessories such as 3D mice, hand virtual, HMD helmets, stereoscopic glasses, 3D headphones, gloves and data suits, among others.

For years we have heard about  virtual reality and the possibilities offered by this platform,  which can offer an ideal framework to improve various tasks in different areas, and even be one of the most fun elements. 

Virtual Reality: A Parallel Dimension of Science and Fun New VR Technology

At present,  the application of virtual reality can be found in a myriad of scientific fields,  such as space engineering, physics, mathematics, and of course all fields related to computing.

Despite the complexity that surrounds the virtual reality platform, it is also used to provide people with a field of entertainment and fun, since it  has been applied in various video games, and it is estimated that in the future it will be one of the most widespread technologies at a mass level.

Shorten the gap with Virtual Reality New VR Technology

Thanks to the fact that virtual reality allows the generation of different illusory environments in which people can interact in the same space and time, beyond the place where each of them are, it  is expected that Virtual Reality will be popularly disseminated in environments work,  in order to create a new context of fluid and permanent communication.

Let us bear in mind that  virtual reality allows several people to share the same space, thus  generating an interpersonal interaction, and allowing it to be visualized and perceived as an action that takes place collectively.

In this lies  the greatest advantage of virtual reality  when it is applied to environments in which communication and exchange must be established between different people who have distanced themselves in real space.
Therefore,  it is not surprising that Virtual Reality can enter work environments on a daily basis, and even in the home environment.  It only remains for the largest manufacturers of computer equipment to begin to invade the market with affordable devices and accessories that allow us to break down the barriers between the real and the unreal.

Virtual Reality Glasses New VR Technology

After several years of development, with the logical trials and errors that are usually part of the process of creating a new technological platform,  virtual reality has finally become a reality all over the world,  worth the redundancy, and in the last Times has become one of the most coveted modern items by users.

Of course, being  able to enjoy virtual reality  requires that users make an investment in the purchase of equipment created to be able to visualize these types of scenarios, and in this sense  virtual reality lenses are the most popular,  compared to helmets. virtual reality, mainly because of their cost.

Even today we can  create our own virtual reality glasses at an almost ridiculous cost,  following the guidelines of the famous Google Cardboard, that is, using a little cardboard, tape and a couple more items that we can recycle in our own home.

Of course, in order to make any of these inexpensive lenses work, we will need to  have a smartphone that includes specifications suitable for virtual reality viewing.

How do virtual reality glasses work?

In order to understand how virtual reality glasses work, the first thing we need to  know is what virtual reality is about . In this sense, virtual reality basically  consists of the creation of an environment that is generated through the hardware and software  of a computing device.

Through this,  the user can immerse themselves in this virtual reality environment through the use of elements created for it, such  as glasses or virtual reality helmets.

Well then, how do these lenses work? The answer is very simple: both the lenses and virtual reality helmets, fundamental elements for the user to be able to immerse themselves in that virtual environment, what they do is to widen the angle of vision, in order to create the feeling that we are within the scene recreated through virtual reality.

In some cases,  virtual reality glasses or helmets even generate a 3D image,  which allows us to significantly increase the sensations of realism that we experience with them. Also,  some virtual reality lenses include a series of extras from the factory,  such as gloves with sensors, controls with motion control, positioning cameras, headphones with surround sound and more.

These extra elements make it  possible for users to have a truly real virtual reality experience,  since ultimately the main objective of virtual reality is precisely to make the user experience sensations and that their whole body react as if they were really  inside the world that is submerged through virtual reality.

Well, as we have seen to be able to enjoy virtual reality we will need a series of essential elements for this, on the one hand a computer device that is the one that generates the virtual environment ,  which can be our computer, console or even our smartphone, and on the other hand a virtual reality glasses that are the ones that have the screen through which we will visualize virtual reality.

We can also use the screen of our smartphone for this, and in this case we will  need virtual reality glasses that are able to physically support our phone,  while the smartphone has support for virtual reality applications, and of course a good screen.

When we use this type of system,  precisely what virtual reality lenses do is expand the angle of vision that the smartphone offers us,  and in this way makes the screen cover our entire visual spectrum, thus giving us the possibility of being able to enjoy of the feeling of envelopment.

It should be noted that for this environment to be produced, the smartphone or any other computer device that we use, what it does is generate two different images, that is, one for each of our eyes, in order to create the 3D effect, similar to when we use special glasses to watch 3D movies.

In addition, many of  the virtual reality lenses that are currently marketed on the market include motion sensors,  with which they make it possible for the virtual environment to react according to the movements we make with our head.

Virtual reality glasses and 3D glasses virtual reality

With the  fury of virtual reality  and the possibility offered by applications developed to turn our smartphone into a screen that immerses us in an unreal environment, the market has been filled with different options of  virtual reality glasses and 3D glasses of virtual reality,  for all tastes and all budgets.

Among the main brands, the most acclaimed are the  Samsung Gear VR  to use with a smartphone of the same brand, the  PlayStation VR  for the consoles of the same brand, the  Oculus Rift  for the Xbox, the  HTC Vive  for HTC phones, among others. .

We can also  find today for our smartphone a series of low-cost virtual reality glasses,  the so popular generic ones, which promise to work with any brand and model of phone that works with the Android operating system.

And of course we cannot fail to mention here the famous  Google Cardboard, as we mentioned above, which we can acquire through the Google online store for a cost of 20 dollars, and we can even build it ourselves, following the steps that Google has made available to all users for the  creation of these inexpensive virtual reality glasses.

Notably,  the  Google Cardboard only require that the user has a smartphone with which you can run applications and games,  as well as play videos virtual reality, and the good news is that  most of today ‘s cellular market support these lenses.

Virtual reality headsets

The so-called virtual reality helmets are essentially the same as virtual reality glasses,  so their operation is the same, that is, it is a device that gives us the possibility of immersing ourselves  in a virtual environment created by a computer device .

Many of the virtual reality glasses are also called virtual reality headsets,  because they offer the same experience. However, many experts consider virtual reality helmets only those that include other technologies within the platform, that is, those that have sensors, positioning cameras, surround sound headphones and others.

Virtual reality games

Although sometimes  the technologies related to the creation of virtual reality platforms  can be somewhat fanciful, like exits from a science fiction movie, the truth is that nowadays anyone in their home, using hardware elements and necessary software, you  can enjoy the fantastic possibilities that virtual reality offers , for example by using popular virtual reality games.

In general terms,  when we talk about virtual reality games,  we refer to those video games where the user can experience being within a three-dimensional environment, and at the same time interact with that environment during the game.

It is important to bear in mind that virtual reality as we know it today through virtual reality games, had its beginnings in 2010  with the creation of the first virtual reality device prototype, which over time became it would become the  Oculus Rift , and in this way different projects would arise to be able to commercialize it.

From then on, various companies that created virtual reality devices began to emerge  , such  as the  HTC Vive  and  Sony PlayStation VR and Samsung lenses , as well as, of course, the economic option that Google offers us today  with its cardboard.

At the same time, hundreds and hundreds of developers have dedicated themselves in recent years to  creating virtual reality applications and games,  creating a market that grows exponentially, due to the great demand that is registered by users who like to  enjoy virtual reality games.

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At this point it is important to mention that if we want to  use a virtual reality game,  before choosing the game in question, we must bear in mind that we will need a series of elements for it. In this regard,  the most important object to be able to use a virtual reality game is the virtual reality lens or goggle.

In addition to this, we will need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone that has support and can be connected without problems to the aforementioned device, that is, to  the virtual reality glasses.

It should be noted that in order to obtain a truly satisfactory immersion experience, we will also need a good quality headset, with which to  appreciate the sounds that are reproduced in the virtual reality game.

There are also another series of devices that allow users to achieve an excellent experience of immersion in the virtually created reality, such  as hand controllers, sensors and others,  which are ultimately optional accessories but that all together provide an incredible experience.

In any case,  before acquiring any of the virtual reality devices available on the market, it  is recommended that in principle we make sure that said device is compatible with the computer, tablet or smartphone that we are going to use, as well as with the system.

The best virtual reality games

Due to the success  of virtual reality games,  today we can find endless options on the internet for all tastes, even some virtual reality devices  have their own application stores, where we can find a huge number of games to download.

Games for virtual reality glasses

The Climb

It is a game that will allow us to climb mountains as if we were really doing it, so it is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that to achieve the best experience that this virtual reality game offers us , it  is recommended to have the Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controllers.

Minecraft VR

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful games that today we can also enjoy as if we were really immersed in the world of blocks and bricks. To use it, it is necessary to have  Oculus Rift,  and although it is the same Minecraft as always, the truth is that it offers us an incredible virtual experience,  which makes it one of the most addictive virtual reality games.

This is one of  the  best virtual reality games  that offers the possibility of multiplayer games, where up to 8 players can participate simultaneously. It is a combat game, whose battles between men and robots take place in abandoned deserts, in a setting set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Robo Recall

This is perhaps one of the best  virtual reality war games,  giving us an amazing experience with Oculus Rift touch controllers  . In this game we can collect robots to reprogram them, as well as hold epic battles with these machines, all in an incredible setting, of an abandoned city after the apocalypse.

Virtual reality games for Android

Need For Speed ​​No Limits VR

Lovers of speed and cars can now perform risky races without limits and feel that they are inside the car they are driving,  thanks to the version of Need For Speed ​​for virtual reality. In this game we can feel that we are transporting ourselves aboard the fastest cars in the world, including the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 and Porsche 911, it also has 60 events and 12 tracks.

The Arcslinger

I nteresantísimo  virtual reality game where you can feel the action in first person,  in the middle of a western scene with futuristic dyes. Here we will have to fight a battle against the evildoers, using pistols called Arcs, which in addition to their bellicose power, also unleash special powers.

VR Dangerous Zombies Shooting

Undoubtedly  one of the ideal virtual reality games for lovers of the zombie genre,  since the truth is that it has a lot of action and it will always surprise us.

It is also a very good option for shooting tests, practicing and improving our skills in this area.

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