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Do you like web programming? Whether you are studying a course or if you want to start learning on your own in September , you will need resources that, although apparently not essential for web programming, will save you time so that you can really continue with your thing: create and optimize code .

Generatores for “Home”

Let’s say you want to create a page to be part of your portfolio and show it to your potential clients, but logically your work will be empty of content… how to fill it so that it has a suitable and attractive aesthetic without wasting too much time?

For these cases there are “Lorem Ipsum” generators, which are standard texts, but… How about giving them a bit of personality using these two resources?

  • You will find proposal no. 1 at this link , and it provides you with different lorem ipsum templates so you can choose according to your needs and style.
  • This other proposal is the latest in generators of this type, its name? Felipe Text , an original content creator that lets you choose your text depending on whether you are monarchist, republican or indecisive.

Image generator

As with written content, if you want to quickly put together a template or page in addition to web programming, you will need images. We propose two quick tools for this:

  • A resource that is in fact an image simulator that will allow you to fill in the spaces you have on your page and give it the format that best suits it. This is your website .
  • On the other hand, this  other tool  allows you to generate random images for your project, according to the dimensions you prefer, whether they are in black and white or in color.

Parallax effect

Parallax consists of a set of highly spectacular animations that appear as the user advances on a page. These animated images -which can also simulate 3D effects without the need for glasses or plugins- have become very fashionable today. You can generate these animations much more easily with tools like Skrollr .

Skroll is an easy-to-use, open-source JavaScript library that simplifies Parallax creation.

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