What is Web Search

Web Search Engine Definition

Web search is a computer program that searches for documents, especially on the World Wide Web, for a specified word or words and provides a list of documents in which they are found.
First of all, a library catalog has a different structure from a search engine.
Build a better search engine, instead of restricting the availability of information.
But the world’s leading search engine and its corresponding apps are turning out to be powerful research tools, too.
Websites or software that search the Internet for documents that contain a keyword, phrase, or subject that is specified by the user to the search engine. Each engine has its own information search system.

How does an Internet Search Engine work?

Web search engines work by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents as possible. Another program, called an indexer, then reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document. Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to build its indexes such that, ideally, only meaningful results are returned for each query.

Types of Search Engines

There are several types of search engine; the search can cover document titles, URLs, headings, or the full text.

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