What are Database Files? Definition and list of extensions

Definition of Database Files

Database files store data in a structured format, organized into tables and fields that allow faster location and access.

The individual entries within a database are called records. A database is a collection of logically related records, databases are used for storage of data referenced by software applications or dynamic web sites.


Databases can be classified according to the types of content: bibliographic, text, numerical, images. The data in a database is organized based on a schema or model, which is the format or structure of the database. Common database models include hierarchical, network, relational, entity-relationship, object-relational, or object model.

Most popular databases

The best known types of server databases are: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite, Oracle and IBM DB2. The other common group of databases that can be used locally are: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, dBASE, and FileMaker.

Common Extensions

Common database file extensions include .DB, .accdb, NSF, and .fp7.

List of extensions

Here is a list of database file extensions:

Extension Description
$ er GroupWise Database
4th 4th Dimension Database Data File
4dl 4th Dimension Database Log File
abs Absolute Database File
accdb Access 2007 Database File
accdc Microsoft Access Signed Package
access Access Execute Only Database
accdr Access Runtime Application
accdt Microsoft Access Database Template
accdw Microsoft Access Database Link File
accft Microsoft Access Data Type Template
adb Alpha Five Database File
ade Access Project Extension
adn Access Blank Project Template
adp Access Project
alf ACT! Lookup File
apx Borland C++ appexpert database file
ask askSam Database
btr Btrieve Database File
cdb Symbian Phonebook Database
ckp Ingres Database Checkpoint data
cma TM1 Exported Cube File
daconnections RemObjects Data Abstract Connections File
dacpac SQL Server Data Tier Application Package
dad RemObjects Data Abstract Driver File
dadiagrams RemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File
daschema Data Abstract database schema file
db Database File
db-shm SQLite Database Shared Memory File
db-wal SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
db2 dBASE II Database
db3 SQLite Database File
dbc OrCAD capture CIS database configuration file
dbf Database File
dbs SQLBase Database File
dbt Database Text File
dbv Database Variable Field
dcb Concordance Database File
dcx FoxPro Database Index
ddl Data Definition Language File
dp1 DataPower Database File
dqy Excel Query File
dsn Database Source Name File
dtf ACDSee thumbnail database file
dtsx DTS Settings File
dwn FrameWork database file
dxl Domino XML Language File
eco ECCO Database File
ecx ECCO Corrupted Database File
edb Exchange Information Store Database
exb Evernote database file
fdb Database file
fic WinDev Hyper File Database
fm5 FileMaker 5 Database
fmp12 FileMaker Pro 12 Database
fmpsl FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
fmt Database format file
fol PFS First Choice Database File
fp4 FileMaker Pro 4 Database
fp5 FileMaker Pro 5 Database
fp7 FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
ftp FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
frm MySQL Database Format File
fxp Visual FoxPro compiled database file
g Corel Paradox file
gdb InterBase Database File
gwi GroupWise Database Shortcut File
hdb HansaWorld Database File
his FindinSite Database Definition File
ib InterBase Database
ihx IN-HEH Timeline Database
itdb iTunes Database File
itw InTouch With Database File
ivc iView MediaPro catalogue file
jtx ESE Transaction Log
kdb Keypass Database File
kexi Kexi Database
kexic Kexi Database Connection File
kexis Kexi Database Shortcut File
lbl Database label file format
lgc SimpleK Database File
lsl Corel Paradox file
maq Microsoft Access Query
marshal Marshal Data Migration Model File
mav Access View File
maw Access Data Access Page
mdb Microsoft Access Database
mdbhtml Microsoft Access Database HTML File
mdn Blank Access Database Template
mdt GeoMedia Access Database Template
mpd Microsoft Project Database
mrg MySQL Merge File
mud Textease multi user database
mwb MySQL Workbench Document
world MySQL Database Data File
ndf SQL Server Secondary Database File
ns2 Lotus Notes 2 Database
ns3 Lotus Notes 3 Database
ns4 Lotus Notes 4 Database
nsf Lotus Notes Database
ntx Clipper database index file
nv2 NewViews 2 Database File
nyf myBase Database File
odb OpenDocument Database
opt MySQL database data file
oqy Excel OLAP Query File
Now Oracle Database Configuration File
orx RadiantOne VDS Database Schema
owc OutWit Catch Database
p96 Win96 Database File
p97 Win97 Database File
pan Panorama Database File
pcs Microsoft PowerPoint picture storage file
pd Corel Paradox table file
pdb Program Database
pnz Panorama Database Set
px Corel Paradox primary database index
qry Query File
rdl Corel Paradox file
rsd RealSQLDatabase File
sdb OpenOffice Base database file
sdl Corel Paradox script file
spq SPSS Database Query File
sql Structured Query Language Data File
sqlite SQLite Database File
sqlite3 SQLite 3 Database File
sqlitedb SQLite Database
too DB/TextWorks database menu screen
at Textease CT Database File
teacher SMART Response Teacher Database File
trc Oracle Trace File
udb Dynamics AX User Database File
udl Microsoft Universal Data Link File
You FIMware database file
usr FileMaker Pro Database File
v12 All The Right Type Database File
vis Visual Importer Script
wdb Microsoft Works Database
wmdb Windows Media Database File
xld Excel Database File
xsl Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove database file
^^^ Pervasive.SQL Database File

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