What are Document Files? Definition and list of extensions

Document files are a type of text or binary data file used to store formatted documents, that is, they can include text, images, videos, tables, graphics, multiple pages, or links to other documents.

The most popular document file extensions are used by documents created by Microsoft Office. For example, Microsoft Word uses documents with a .doc and .docx extension. Microsoft Excel uses spreadsheets with extension .xls and .xlsx. Microsoft PowerPoint uses presentations with a .ppt and .pptx extension.

The main competitors of the Microsoft Office document formats are open document formats (Ope Document Formats = ODF) used by open source programs OpenOffice.org. There are applications that are capable of opening documents that have different formats, the best known are Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, StarOffice (commercial version of OpenOffice.org), Corel WordPerfect and Apple iWork for Mac OS X.

ODF is an XML-based open document file format for office applications used for documents containing text (OpenDocument Formats = ODF), spreadsheets (OpenDocument Spreadsheet = ODS), presentations (Ope Document Presentation ODP), and graphic elements (Open Document Graphics = ODG).

Special document format are page description file types used by languages ​​such as PostScript, Portable Document Format (PDF) used by Adobe Systems, which can be read with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF is a standard for documents, in which the user can only create and read the document, but cannot modify it. PDF has become an ISO standard and is widely used for the exchange of documents that require a certain level of security.

The most widely used open international standard is HTML (HyperText Markup Language), these files can also be used as a document file format.

Here is a list of document file extensions:

Extension Description
1sp Microsoft OneNote Mobile document file
3df Adobe chart document
3dz Easy 3D Creator Project File
a7p Adobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
a7r Adobe Authorware packaged file without runtime
ab65 Adobe PageMaker document file
accdp Microsoft Access 2007/2010 project file
acp Adobe Acrobat paper capture file
activitydiagram Microsoft Visual Studio activity diagram file
adp Microsoft Access project file
aepx Adobe After Effects XML project file
aggr Adobe Captivate Aggregator file
agldei Adobe GoLive template file
aglsl Adobe GoLive site
AHF Applet Headline Factory document
alb3 Adobe PageMaker document file
alb4 Adobe PageMaker for Mac document file
alb5 Adobe PageMaker 5 document file
ald5 Adobe Pagemaker 6 for Mac file
alt3 Adobe PageMaker template file
alt5 Adobe Pagemaker 5 for Mac document file
alt6 Adobe PageMaker 6 file
years Microsoft Word text and layout file
apf Fax software file
asd Microsoft Word auto-save document file
ast Corel WordPerfect Office template file
aup Audacity project file
of Final Draft AV document file
aws Microsoft Fax document
awwp Microsoft Works for Mac document file
bin Microsoft Word 5 for Mac document file
bk Adobe FrameMaker book file
bkg Samsung document file
bks IBM Softcopy Reader Bookmanager book file
blt Corel WordPerfect for DOS file
book Adobe FrameMaker book file
book iBooks Author document file
burn Burn for Mac OS X document file
burntheme Burn for Mac OS X theme document file
cbf Calendar Builder saved calendar file
cbl CD Box Labeler Pro file
cbs Calendar Builder style sheet file
ccc Microsoft Internet Chat conversation log file
cl4 Easy CD Creator CD layout file
cnt Help Contents file
the Microsoft Cover Page Editor fax cover page file
cp Adobe Captivate project file
cpdt Adobe Captivate design template file
cpr CorelDRAW Corel Presents presentation file
cptl Adobe Captivate project template file
cptx Adobe Captivate project file
cpy eCopy Desktop scanned document file
crev Adobe Captivate review file
crp CorelDRAW Corel Presents run-time presentation file
crwl Microsoft Windows crawl file
dbm Adobe ColdFusion template file
dbx Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail folder file
dfv MS Office Word Print Format Template
dgr Microsoft Outlook Express fax page file
AND Microsoft Help Workshop dialog box help editor document file
dict Microsoft Virtual PC dictionary file
disco Microsoft Visual Studio dynamic discovery document file
doc Document file
doc Microsoft Word 97 to 2003 document file
dotml Microsoft Word HTML document file
docm Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML macro-enabled document file
docmhtml Microsoft Word MIME HTML document file
docs Document file
docset Doxygen source code documentation file
docx Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML document file
docxml Palantir DOCXML document format file
dot Microsoft Word 97 to 2003 document template file
dothtml Microsoft Word HTML document template file
dotm Microsoft Word 2007/ 2010 Open XML macro-enabled document template file
dotx Microsoft Word 2007 or Word 2010 XML document template file
dox Microsoft Word text document
dox Microsoft Visual Basic user document binary form file
ewl Microsoft Encarta document file
fbok Adobe FrameMaker Book file
fc5 Flow Charting diagram file
fmp Microsoft Excel for Mac document file
fx Corel WordPerfect Office template file
fx2 Corel WordPerfect Office template file
fxd WinFax sent document file
game Microsoft Graph chart file
hdt HTML document tree file
help Unix help file
hot eFax messenger fax file
hpd HotDocs PDF document file
hpd HP document
hpj Microsoft Win Help project file
hpw Hewlett-Packard Word document file
icst Adobe InCopy document preset file
idc Internet Database Connector document file
Indeed Adobe InDesign for Mac document file
incp Adobe InCopy CS3 package file
inct Adobe InCopy template file
ind Adobe InDesign graphics document file
indb Adobe InDesign book file
indd Adobe InDesign document file
indn Adobe Indesign for Mac file
int Adobe InDesign template file
inrs Adobe InDesign for Mac file
inx Adobe InDesign Interchange File Format file
mpc Microsoft Project calendar file
mpls Blu-ray movie playlist information file
mpp Microsoft Project plan file
mppx Microsoft Project project file
mpp_ Microsoft Project for Mac plan file
mpr AutoCAD mass properties report
mpt Microsoft Project template tile
mpx Microsoft Project export file
nclk HTML formatted text file
note Corel WordPerfect for Mac help file
nrp ASP.NET Report Maker report file
obd Microsoft Office Binder document file
obd Oracle Forms online help file
episode OpenOffice.org OpenDocument file
ods OpenDocument spreadsheet file
odt ODF text document file
fear MS Office File New (Other Office Documents)
oft Microsoft Outlook template file
opx Microsoft Office Organization chart file format
pages iWork Pages document file
pages-tef Apple Pages iCloud document file
pdf Adobe Portable document format
pdfa PDF/A document file
pdfe PDF/E document file
pdfua PDF/UA document file
pdfvt PDF/VT document file
pdfx PDF/X document file
pdfxml Adobe Mars project XML based PDF document file
pdf_ Adobe Acrobat portable document file
pdf_tsid Adobe PDF document file
pdi Microsoft PowerPoint Import or Export File
ph Microsoft Windows Help file phrase-table
ply MiDi PoWeR playlist file
pmx Adobe PageMaker document file
under Openproj project file
pot Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 template file
pothtml Microsoft PowerPoint HTML template file
potx Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation template file
ppg Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file
ppj Adobe Premiere Pro video editing project file
ppl Picture slideshow playlist
ppnt Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac presentation file
ppot Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac template file
pps Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 complete slide show file
ppsm Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 macro-enabled Open XML complete slide show file
ppsx Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML complete slide show file
ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 Presentation file
ppt3 Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac presentation file
ppta Articulate Presenter presentation resource file
ppthtml Microsoft PowerPoint HTML presentation file
pptm Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 macro-enabled Open XML presentation file
pptmhtml Microsoft PowerPoint MIME HTML presentation file
pptv Microsoft PowerPoint file
pptx Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation file
pptxml Microsoft Powerpoint XML presentation file
ppv Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint presentation file
pr3 Adobe Persuasion presentation
xgmml Microsoft Excel Chart file
xlc Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Chart file
xlc3 Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Chart file
xlc4 Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac Chart file
xliff Microsoft Works spreadsheet or chart file
xlr Microsoft Office Excel HTML document file
xlshtml Microsoft Excel MIME HTML spreadsheet file
xlsmhtml Microsoft Office Excel HTML template file
xmind Microsoft Excel 2003 XML file
xprj XML paper specification file
xps PriMus XML exchange document file
xsc Microsoft Office InfoPath file
xsf Microsoft Office InfoPath template form file
zrtf WinLabel label file

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