What are Game Files? Definition and list of extensions

Game files include saved video files and files referenced by video games. It also includes game ROMs, which are copies of game software developed for other systems, such as the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. These files can be played with a software emulator.

Games created by developers often contain many file formats that are necessary to run those games, including audio formats, video formats, graphic formats, or formats for saved game locations (music, sounds, textures, models, maps, levels, etc.). , etc.)

In other words, game files contain resource data in one or more containers, often compressed and sometimes even encrypted. Some utilities, such as Dragon Unpacker, can open and extract the contents of resource files.

Game saves digitally store information containing the player’s progress during a particular game. This allows the player to continue the game from where they left off last time.

Common game file extensions include .GAM, .SAV, and .ROM.

Here is a list of game file extensions:

Extension Description
00 The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File
32x Sega 32X ROM
555 Black & White Weather Settings File
8ld Overlord 2 Language File
a26 Atari 2600 ROM image file
a52 Atari 5200 ROM
acf Steam Application Cache File
acx Atari ST Program
Conditions Game Boy Advance ROM
age3scn Age of Empires 3 Scenario File
ain Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File
alr ADRIFT Language Resource File
am1 Adventure Maker
an2 Croc animation file
arch00 F.E.A.R. Game Archive
arena Quake 3 Engine Arena File
architect El Airplane game archive file
arp Audition Replay File
ash Audiosurf Audio Metadata File
asset Unity Asset File
bar Age of Empires 3 Data File
bb3 BlasterBall 3 Level File Support
bdae Gameloft Game Data File
file extensionbejeweled2deluxesavedgame Bejeweled 2 Deluxe Saved Game
bf CryoBF Game Data File
bfg Big Fish Games Application File
bfm Terminal Reality Model File
bfs FlatOut Game Data File
bgl Flight Simulator Scenery File
bgz Blood Frontier Map File
bic Civilization 3 Scenario File
bif BioWare Infinity Engine File
big Electronic Arts Game Data File
biq Civilization 3 Scenario File
bix Civilization 3 Scenario File
blackhawkstriker2 Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
blasterball3savedgame BlasterBall 3 Saved Game
blp Blizzard Texture File
pls Blockland Saved Game File
p N-Gage Mobile Video Game File
bmd MU Online Game Data File
bme BeatMania 7-Key Song File
bmg Mario Kart Wii message file
bms BeatMania Song File
bnd Neighbours From Hell game archive
bng The Bingo Maker Card File
bnk Test Drive Unlimited Data Package
bns Portal script file
bnz The Bingo Maker Card Template File
file extensionbookwormdeluxesavedgame Bookworm Deluxe Saved Game
brlyt Wii Textures and Material Lists File
brres Wii BRRES Resource Package
brsar Wii BRSAR Audio Package
bs1 VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File
bsa Bethesda Softworks Archive
E.g Quake Engine Game Map File
bus VirtualBus Board Parameters File
or BZFlag World File
c4k Clonk Key File
carc Nintendo DS Compressed Archive File
cbh ChessBase Database Header File
cbv ChessBase Database File
cdp Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
cdp2 Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2
cem Empire Earth game file
cfge Jewel Quest Configuration File
cf. Cross Fire Replay File
cgf Crytek Geometry Format File
chd MAME Hard Disk Image
chesstitanssave-ms Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game
cht SNES Cheat File
civ5save Civilization 5 Saved Gae
cm CLEO Custom Mission
cme Crazy Machines level file
comfycakessave-ms Comfy Cakes Saved Game
cpn Age of Mythology Campaign File
craft KSP Spacecraft File
crf Enhanced Dark Engine game archive file
crysisjmsf Crysis Saved Game
crysispsf Crysis Warhead Saved Game
ctx Valve ICE Encoded Script
company SimCity City File
d2s Diablo 2 Save File
d3dbsp Call of Duty Map File
dat_mcr Minecraft Level.dat Backup File
dat_new Minecraft World Level File
dat_old Minecraft Level.dat Backup File
day Day of the Zombie Map File
dazip Dragon Age: Origins Game File
ddt Football Manager Keep Player Data File
dek Magic: The Gathering Deck File
to the Video Game Demo File
desc Battlefield 2 Map Description File
diva Project DIVA Song File
dl Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File
dmb BYOND Game Executable
dmo Duke Nukem 3D Demo File
dm_68 Quake 3 Demo File
dm_82 Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File
dm_83 Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File
dm_84 Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File
dn1 Duke Nukem 1 Game Data File
dn2 Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game File
dn3 Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game File
dnf Duke Nukem Forever Map File
dnh Danmakufu Script
arr GameCube Executable File
duc Action Replay Max DS Save File
dun Dungeon Defenders Saved Game File
dv2 Divinity 2 Data File
dxs Deus Ex Saved Game
jeep The Witcher 2 Game Archive
e2gm Pangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game File
ebm Ragnarok online emblem file
eepf EmuOS Exchangeable Packet File
egm Enigmo Custom Game File
axis Metin2 Game Data File
epc Doctor Who Game Data File
epk Metin2 Game Data Package
erp Alter Ego Game Archive
esg Enigmo Saved Game File
esm Elder Scrolls Master File
esp Fallout 3 Plugin File
ess The Elder Scrolls Saved Game
est_uax Spanish Unreal Audio Package
far The Sims Archive File
fbrb Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data File
fc2map Far Cry 2 User Map
fcm fCraft World File
ff Call of Duty 4 Fast File
line Aleph One Replay File
fld YSFLIGHT Field File
fml WWE RAW Character File
fnta Aleph One Font File
fomod Fallout Mod Archive
fos Fallout 3 Saved Game
fpid FPS Creator AI Wizard Data File
fpk Civilization 4 Data File
fpmb FPS Creator Mab Buffer File
fpmo FPS Creator Map Overlay File
fpop Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
fps FPS Creator Segment File
frc FS Recorder File
freecellsave-ms FreeCells saved game file
french Snes9x Saved State
fs2 FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File
fssave Flight Simulator Save File
g3x RealFlight Content File
galaxy Blizzard Galaxy File
gam Saved Game File
game GameSalad Exported Game File
gamedata Sandlot Game Data File
gb Game Boy ROM File
gba Game Boy Advance ROM
gbc Game Boy Color ROM
gbx Nadeo Game File
gcf Game Cache File
gci Grand Theft Auto 2 game file
gcm GameCube ROM
gct Ocarina Cheat Code Manager File
gcz Compressed GameCube/Wii ROM
gdw Jaws Unleashed Data File
gen Sega Genesis ROM
gjd The 7th Guest Media File
gme DexDrive Game Card File
gmres Game Maker Resource File
gmv Gens Game Recording
goomod World of Goo Add-on
gpf GRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File
gr2 Granny 3D File
gs0 Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File
gsc Call of Duty Game Script
gsx Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File
h2o Battle Realms Game Data File
h3m Heroes 3 Map File
h4r Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File
ham Descent 2 Resource File
heartssave-ms Microsoft Hearts Save File
hhsl Hockey High Score List File
hi MacMAME High Scores File
hit The Sims Sound File
hmp Worms Height Map File
hog Descent Mission File
honmod Heroes of Newerth mod file
hot The Sims Sound File
hpk Tropico Game Archive
hps HPL2 Script
hwd Hedgewars Demo File
hwmap Hedgewars Drawn Map File
hws Hedgewars Saved Game
hxm Descent 2 Resource Modification
i3pack Point Blank Game Data File
ib2 IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge File
ib3 IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge File
ibro IncrediBots Robot File
ibt Texture and Model File
idx0 Runescape Cache Index File
idx255 Runescape Cache File
ifp GTA Animation File
imga Aleph One Image File
inv INVedit File
ips Internal Patching System Patch File
itk ScummVM Game Data File
itr Icy Tower Replay File
iwd Call of Duty Game Data File
j2i Jazz 2 Internet Link File
j2l Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level File
and Jet Archive
I Jagex Data File
jap Japanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM
jg4 BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaw Jigsaw Explorer Save File
jrc PCjr Cartridge ROM File
Jrz PSP Game Data File
k2s Kaiser 2 Saved Game
kcl Mario Kart Collision File
home Kodu Game File
kv6 Ace of Spades Model File
kwreplay Command & Conquer 3 Replay File
l3d Black & White Graphics File
laby Laby Level File
ldw Virtual Villagers Saved Game File
lgl LeechGet Download List
lgp Final Fantasy Media Archive
ll List & Label Preview File
science RPG Maker Map File
lod Homeworld level of detail file
love LÖVE Game File
lpb LaserTank Replay File
lsd FIFA World Cup game data environment file
lsw RPG Maker Saved Game File
ltg LaserTank Graphics File
luxb Lux Map File
lvl Game Level File
m2 World or Warcraft Model Object
mahjongtitanssave-ms Mahjong Titans Saved Game
members Vietcong Game Data File
maplet Maplet World File
mass effect profiles Mass Effect Player Profile
masseffectsave Mass Effect Saved Game
mato Atomic Combat Saved Game
little Hover! Maze File
mca Minecraft «Anvil» Map File
microgames Minecraft Game Backup File
mclevel Minecraft Map File
mcmeta Minecraft Animation File
mcworld Minecraft World Backup File
md2 Quake 2 Player Model
md3 Quake 3 3D Model
me2mod Mass Effect 2 Modification File
menu Quake 3 Engine Menu File
mgl Age of Empires 2 Replay File
THOUSAND Wii Virtual Avatar File
mine Minecraft Map File
minesweepersave-ms Minesweeper Saved Game
mis Saved Game Mission File
mm6 Might and Magic 6 saved game file
mm7 Might and Magic 7 saved game file
mm8 MusicMaker V8 audio file
momma Offspring Fling Replay File
mp2m Max Payne 2 Mod File
mp2s Max Payne 2 Saved Game
mpk Painkiller Overdose game map file
ms1 VirtualBus Map File
I have Ultima Online Multi File
n-gage N-Gage Application
n3pmesh Knight Online 3D Mesh File
n64 Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM File
narc Nintendo DS Archive File
are not Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation File
affectation Total Overdose Game Data File
nbt Minecraft Named Binary Tag File
ncf No Cache File
ncgr Nintendo DS Title Graphics File
nclr Nintendo DS Color Palette File
nds Nintendo DS Game ROM
because Nintendo (NES) ROM File
nfs11save Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Save File
ngage N-Gage Game File
ngp NeoGeo Pocket ROM
stride NoLimits Track Element File
nlpx NoLimits Package
nltrack NoLimits Roller Coaster Track File
nsbca Nintendo DS Model Animation File
nsbmd Nintendo DS Model File
nsbtx Nintendo DS Model Texture File
nscr Nintendo DS Title Screen File
ntrk Pacific FIghters Online Track File
ogz Cube 2 Map File
commodity Oblivion Mod Archive
osk Osu! Skin File
osr Osu! Replay File
osu Osu! Script
autumn Osu! Beatmap File
ovl Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data File
p2s PCSX2 Saved State
p3d Operation Flashpoint game model file
p3t PlayStation 3 Theme File
package Electronic Arts Game Package File
pbn Portable Bridge Notation File
pbo Packed Bohemia Object
pbp PSP Firmware Update File
pcc Mass Effect Package
pce TurboGrafx-16 ROM
pcf Valve Particle System File
pck Game package file
pcsav Mass Effect 2 Saved Game
pcsxstate PCSX Saved State File
peg Peggle Replay File
pegn Peggle Nights Replay File
per Age of Empires Personality File
pff NovaLogic game archive file
pgn Portable Game Notation File
pgt Pokémon Gift File
phn Algodoo Spray Phunlet
phya Aleph One Physics File
phz Algodoo Phun Compressed Phunlet
pig Descent Texture File
pj Project64 Saved State File
pk3 Quake 3 Engine Game Data File
pk4 Doom 3 Engine Game Data File
pkm Pokemon saved game data file
playmission MissionPlayer Game File
plr rFactor Player File
pmo Pegasus Mail saved message file
pnach PCSX2 Patch File
civil servant Pegasus Mail formatted signature file
pof Descent Robot Definition File
pog Descent 2 Texture Modification
pqhero Puzzle Quest Saved Game
prefs MMORPG Tycoon Preferences File
prison Prison Architect Saved Game
prk Thrillville Park File
ps2 PCSX2 Memory Card File
psdl Midtown Madness 2 City File
pss PlayStation 2 Game Video File
pssg EGO Engine Textures File
psu EMS PS2 Memory Adapter Save File
psv PlayStation 2 Save File
psx PlayStation Save File
shrink ZEQ2 Lite Particle Effects File
purblepairssave-ms Purble Pairs Saved Game
purbleshopsave-ms Purble Place Shop Saved Game
pvpf Pet ville Save File
pwf Counter-Strike PODBot Waypoint File
pzl Tibo Jigs @ w Puzzle File
qvm Quake 3 Virtual Machine File
qwd QuakeWorld Demo File
radq Need for Madness Game Archive
rav FIFA 2001 data environment file
rbj XRK Compiled Redcode Object File
rbxl ROBLOX Location File
rbxm ROBLOX Model
rcf Prototype game file
rez Lithtech Game Engine Resource File
rfgs_pc Red Faction: Guerilla Saved Game File
rfm rFactor Modification File
rgp RealArcade Game Package
rgss2a RPG Maker VX RGSS Encrypted Archive
rim BioWare Resource Image File
rkp Rockchip MP4 Player Game
rlegz Golly Compressed Simulation Pattern File
rom N64 Game ROM File
rot Homeworld 2 Graphics File
rp2 RetroPlatform Player Program Archive
rpl Toribash Replay File
rs2 RailSim2 Saved Layout File
rvdata RPG Maker VX Data File
rvproj RPG Maker VX Project File
rxdata RMXP Data File
s10 Brasfoot Saved Game File
s2m Stronghold 2 Map File
s2mh StarCraft 2 Map Header File
s2z Heroes of Newerth Game Data File
s4m SWAT 4 Map File
s5x Heritage of Kings: The Settlers Map File
sa1 Game Boy Emulator Save File
sad Black & White Audio File
sav Saved Game
sc2archive Blizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File
sc2assets Blizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File
sc2bank StarCraft 2 Bank File
sc2data Blizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
sc2ma StarCraft 2 Map Data File
sc2map Blizzard StarCraft 2 Map File
sc2mod Blizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File
sc2replay Blizzard StarCraft 2 Replay File
sc2save Blizzard StarCraft 2 Saved Game
sc2scene StarCraft 2 Cut Scene File
sc4 SimCity 4 Saved File
sc4desc SimCity 4 Description File
sc4lot SimCity 4 Lot File
sc6 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario File
scb Command & Conquer World Builder script file
scea Aleph One Map File
schematic MCEdit Schematic File
scn Age of Mythology Scenario File
scs SimCity Societies Saved Game File
sd7 Spring Content Package
sdz Spring Content Package
sfar Mass Effect 3 DLC File
sfb PlayStation 3 Disc Data File
sfc Super Nintendo ROM
sga Relic Entertainment Game Archive
sgaa Aleph One Saved Game
sgb Dawn of War Map File
sh2 Stronghold 2 Saved Game
shader Quake 3 Engine Shader File
shpa Aleph One Shape File
sims2pack Downloaded Sims 2 Package File
sims3pack The Sims 3 Package File
slst Game Data File
sm StepMania Song File
smc Super Nintendo Game ROM
we are Sumotori Dreams Arena File
smpd Sc2gears Mouse Print Data File
smzip StepMania Package
snda Aleph One Sound File
solitairesave-ms Microsoft Solitaire Saved Game
sounds Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
sow Descent ARJ Archive
sp2 Super Ball 2 Level File
spb Flight Simulator Mission File
spidersolitairesave-ms Microsoft Spider Solitaire Saved Game
sprite SuperTux Sprite File
sqf ArmA Script File
srk Sub Rosa Client File
srm Super Nintendo ROM Save File
srt0 Wii Texture Animation File
ssfsav Super Smash Flash Saved Game File
ssv ShadowFlare Saved Game file
steamstart Valve Steam Start File
stsg SuperTux Saved Game
stump SuperTux World Map File
sv5 BigJig Saved Puzzle
sv6 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
everything Simutrans Saved Game
svt Torchlight Saved Game File
swv Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings File
sww Anno Saved Game
syb Syberia Game Data File
system Vega Strike Virtual System File
you know ADRIFT Text Adventure File
td4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track File
td6 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File
ted Alamo Map File
tex0 Wii Texture File
severance pay TIE Fighter Pilot File
tiger Tomb Raider Game Data Archive
tim The Incredible Machine Level
there Taikojiro Song Map File
tjc Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File
tkr Tinker Custom Level File
tlk BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File
tor Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset File
tp4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture File
ttarch Telltale Games Archive
ttm Tower Toppler Mission File
does Children of the Nile Tutorial File
neat Carmageddon 2 Data File
u Unreal Tournament Class Package
uc UnrealScript Class
ucl Unreal Tournament cache file
ucm Crazy Machines Model File
udk Unreal Engine Map File
ukx Unreal Animation Package
umod Unreal Tournament Module File
unity Unity Scene File
unity3d Unity Web Player File
unr Unreal Level Map
updater iConomy Update File
upk Unreal Engine 3 Package
uqm The Ur-Quan Masters Game Data File
usx Unreal Static Meshes
ut2 Unreal Tournament Map
ut2mod Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module File
ut3 Unreal Tournament 3 Map File
ut4mod Unreal Tournament 2004 Module
ut8 Ghost Master Language File
utc Bioware Creature File
utw Unity Whirld File
utx Unreal Texture Package
uvx Unreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game
uxx Unreal Tournament Cache
v64 Nintendo 64 ROM Dump
vcm Vice City Mod Manager File
vfs UFO game archive file
vgi Vista Game Explorer Editor Game File
vhv Valve Source Lighting File
vmf Valve Map File
vmv VirtuaNES Recording
vpk Valve Pak
vtf Valve Texture File
vvvvv VVVVVV Game Level File
w3g Warcraft 3 Replay File
w3m Warcraft 3 Map File
w3n Warcraft 3 Expansion Campaign File
w3x Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
w3z Warcraft 3 Saved Game File
wa2 Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure File
wad Doom WAD File
wagame Worms Armageddon Game Recording
wbfs Wii Backup File System File
weap Quake 3 Engine Weapon File
wgf Widelands Game File
whirld Unity Whirld Package
wl1 Wolfenstein 3D Data File
wl6 Wolfenstein 3D Data File
wmo World of Warcraft World Map Object
wolfquest WolfQuest Saved Game
wop Wonderland Object Preset
world WorldPainter File
wotreplay World of Tanks Replay File
wrpl Widelands Saved Game File
wrplwgf Widelands Initial Saved Game File
wtd Grand Theft Auto IV Textures File
wtf World of Warcraft Text File
wx Flight Simulator Weather File
W-Z cake MapleStory Game Data File
khan Worms Map File
xbe Xbox Executable File
xbsav Mass Effect 2 Xbox Saved Game
xen Guitar Hero III Data File
xex Xbox 360 Executable File
xmb Age of Empires Game Data File
xnb XNA Game Studio Binary Package
xom Worms 3D Object File
xp2 XPilot NG
xp3 KiriKiri Package File
xp4 KiriKiri Package
xs Age of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
xtl Vietcong Data File
xvmconf World of Tanks XVM Configuration File
y3a Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar File
y3d Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck File
ycm Yugioh Card Maker File
ydc Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck File
the water Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay File
yes Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Data File
yfs YSFLIGHT Mission File
z2f Zoo Tycoon 2 Object File
z64 Nintendo 64 Game ROM
z8 Z-machine Z-code File
map Zombies Ate My Neighbors Map File
zs0 ZSNES Slot 0 Saved State File
zs1 ZSNES Slot 1 Saved State File
zs2 ZSNES Slot 2 Saved State File
zs3 ZSNES Slot 3 Saved State File
zs4 ZSNES Slot 4 Saved State File
zs5 ZSNES Slot 5 Saved State File
zs6 ZSNES Slot 6 Saved State File
zs7 ZSNES Slot 7 Saved State File
zs8 ZSNES Slot 8 Saved State File
zs9 ZSNES Slot 9 Saved State File
zsd Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data File
zst ZSNES Save File
ztd Zoo Tycoon Data Archive
ztmp Steam Compressed Game Resource File

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