What are Humanoid Robots

The term humanoid or humanoid robot refers to a specific type of robot, whose main characteristic lies in the fact that it has a physical appearance similar to that of human beings, and that is why when its designs are developed they are based on the aspects essential components of the human body. What are Humanoid Robots what are humanoids humanoid species humanoid robot sophia humanoid robots 2020

In this way, humanoid robots include physical parts of human beings, that is, they have a head, a torso and limbs, two legs, two feet, two arms and two hands. Added to this is the inclusion of a face that tries to resemble a human face as much as possible, including the possibility of adding not only real features, but also different expressions for communication. what are humanoids humanoid species

In this sense, it is important to mention that just by looking like a human being, a robot is not necessarily a humanoid robot, but it must also include other characteristics and functionalities that allow it to be classified in that way. what are humanoids humanoid species

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That is to say that in addition to looking like a person, a humanoid robot must also include some autonomous abilities, such as being able to move, take objects, maintain balance and others. what are humanoids

To this we must add that in recent years the so-called artificial intelligence has been included in the developments of humanoid robots , with which in many cases these humanoids also have a complex learning system, which allows them to adapt to their environment and continue learning and evolving. In this way, it is achieved that humanoid robots can improve significantly in the tasks for which they have been designed. what are humanoids humanoid species

Current advances in the field of humanoid robotics are actually postulates that have been working on for decades, but it has certainly been in recent years that scientists have made a huge breakthrough in this regard. We can verify this with the humanoids that were presented to the world in the last decade, such as Sophia and Erica, among others. humanoid species

However, the humanoid robots that are known so far are those that were developed to perform certain tasks, for which in many cases we could notice that they are limited in their capacities in different aspects.

Precisely, one of the objectives in the creation of humanoid robots by world laboratories has been to be able to use them to replace human beings to carry out those jobs that can be extremely dangerous for people, which in turn require that when the machine that replaces the human is made, it has a similar physical conformation with him. humanoid species

However, the truth is that the applications of humanoid robots have no limits or borders, since they can be used to even care for and be responsible for children and the elderly. For this reason, it is not wrong to affirm that humanoid robots continue to develop and evolve , thanks to the advancement in science and technology that humans have achieved. humanoid species

It has been a long road that science and technology have traveled to achieve the current development of humanoid robots, since that early time in the 15th century, when Leonardo Da Vinci designed a robot knight that could move arms and legs. humanoid robot sophia

Taking into account that a humanoid robot has always been designed in order to emulate the appearance, physique and behavior of human beings, including current developments in artificial intelligence, we could say that we are not too far from living with robots like David, the one who moved us in the movie Artificial Intelligence. humanoid robot sophia

humanoid robot sophia
humanoid robot sophia

Differences between a humanoid robot and an android What are Humanoid Robots

Due to the large number of types of robots that exist today, with many of which we frequently live together perhaps without being aware of it, certain confusions tend to arise when defining what is an android and what is a humanoid.

The first thing to clarify here is that all androids are humanoid robots, but not all humanoid robots are androids, since in order to be an android the humanoid robot must possess a series of special characteristics. humanoid robot sophia

In order to know exactly what each case is about, we are going to review below some of the main concepts regarding robots, androids and cyborgs. humanoid robot sophia

In principle, when we talk about a robot, according to the definition of that word, we are referring to a programmable electronic machine, which must be able to manipulate objects and carry out different operations that human beings perform. humanoid robot sophia

In this sense, we can point out that robots are those machines that man has created to carry out the most difficult jobs, which previously could only be done by men themselves, with all the risks that this entailed.

A clear example of a robot are those machines that are implemented in the production lines of factories of different elements, such as automotive ones, which in various stages of vehicle manufacturing involve robotic machines that do the difficult work of assembling large parts. scale. humanoid robots 2020

In the case of androids, according to what the Royal Spanish Academy points out, the term refers to “an automaton with a human figure”, that is to say that although it shares characteristics with robots, the truth is that its appearance must be similar to that of the human being, that is, to have a head, a torso and limbs, all parts that can move in a similar way to how man performs his movements. humanoid robots 2020

In short, according to the general concepts regarding androids, they are usually defined as humanoid robots, since although they are machines like robots, they not only include physical characteristics similar to men, but also imitate human behaviors , for which artificial intelligence technology interferes.

Thirdly, we find the so-called cyborgs, whose name comes from the English words cyber and organism, forming the acronym in English ” cyborgs”, and which is basically “a man-machine system in which the control mechanisms of the human portion are externally modified by medicines or regulation devices so that the being can live in an environment different from the normal one ”, according to the definition of the scientists Manfred E. Clynes and Nathan S. Kline. humanoid robots 2020

Perhaps at this point the best example of a cyborg is Robocop, and even on a smaller scale we could consider many other elements as cyborg, always taking into account the definition that we have seen above.

In other words, it is not entirely wrong to consider that equipment such as pacemakers or mechanical prostheses are cyborgs, and even some of the wearable products that are used today also have a lot of cyborg.

Now, knowing the fundamental aspects that differentiate the different types of robot machines, we will focus more specifically on everything that refers to androids, which as we mentioned are also considered humanoid robots. humanoid robots 2020

We have mentioned that basically an android is a robot whose design has focused on being able to create a machine that is capable of looking and behaving like a human being, this last characteristic being the most important, since an android may not look like anything at all. a person, but must be able to carry out the replacement of the same in specific tasks. humanoid robots 2020

Although in principle the androids or humanoid robots arose from the imagination of various authors of classic science fiction literature, with the advancement of technology, computer science and electronics we can say that in many cases reality has surpassed fiction.

what are humanoids
what are humanoids

Today we can find an important variety of androids that closely resemble people, as is the case of the most famous developments in this field reached by Japanese and South Korean robotics companies, which have managed to create robots whose physical appearance is notorious similar to real people, and at the same time they can carry out human behaviors like walking, smiling, talking, singing and so on.

It is added to this that in many of these developments artificial intelligence has also been incorporated, which ultimately gives a greater case of autonomy to the humanoid robot, which, equipped with artificial intelligence, can analyze and make a decision in a given circumstance.

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