What are Nanobots

What is nanotechnology

Summarized in a few words, so that we can all understand it, nanotechnology is the study of the possibility of manipulating matter in truly tiny sizes, between 1 nanometer (nm), which is equivalent to one billionth of a meter, and 100 nanometers . As we can see, this is a really small unit of measure. In order to have something familiar to compare with, we can cite as an example a sheet of paper, which is 100,000 nanometers thick, or a human hair, which is 80,000 nanometers thick. What are Nanobots nanobots in medicine are nanobots being used today

The nanotechnology already has some time between us. In fact, most of the devices that surround us, especially the most modern ones, were manufactured using this technology. The microprocessors for computers, cell phones, smart TVs, and even our beloved coffee, have electronic components inside that without nanotechnology could not have been developed, and therefore do not offer the amazing features which are able. nanobots in medicine

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But not only in the field of electronics nanotechnology is present, since there are thousands of products that include it to improve its characteristics, such as many sports equipment such as safety helmets for motorcycles and bicycles, in the clothing industry with textiles that do not wrinkle, do not stain and protect from bacteria, or in the chemical industry, which for some years has also used nanotechnology for commercial products such as cosmetics, sunscreens, cleaners, inks, paints and many other products of daily use. nanobots in medicine

Also thanks to nanotechnology we can have new products that without these nanometric production methods it would have been very difficult to reach them, such as anti-scratch coatings, products to increase the ability to repel water from various surfaces, anti-reflective coatings, pharmaceutical products. with nanoparticles , packaging that allows better conservation of the products they contain, more efficient energy systems, such as stronger and lighter wind turbines or solar panels capable of offering greater capacity, among many other products and devices. Another potential application of nanotechnology it is the ability to detect toxic chemicals and measure their concentration in the environment. are nanobots being used today

Thanks to nanotechnology , all these elements can be much lighter, but at the same time much more resistant than any other developed or manufactured with traditional techniques. nanobots in medicine

Nanotechnology and nanobots

As we can see, nanotechnology has been around for some time and there are many products that make use of it, it is not something that will happen in the future. What we can still consider as a matter of study and research are nanobots, which together with nanotechnology are pathways that are called upon in a fairly near future to transform the way we develop and produce technology, and which together will be able to innovate and benefit in an unprecedented way all design and manufacturing procedures in industrial fields very important for the evolution of the human species such as aerospace, medicine, electronics, construction, communications and many other technologies. are nanobots being used today

This is because nanotechnology and nanobotics will allow us to think in other angles for development, they will enable the development of a new generation of materials, much more solid and durable, but at the same time lighter and perhaps with other properties that allow it to behave in other ways according to its use, which will favor, as we mentioned, the development, manufacturing and use processes, both of the technology that we know and use every day, as well as that which is still in very early stages. early in their development.

Some examples of how nanotechnology can improve or create formidable devices that offer rapid responses to complex problems are the field of energy, with products such as new types of fuel cells, batteries of more modern development and solar panels much more efficient than usual. that we know today. Also in the field of renewable energies or clean energies, nanotechnology can represent a fundamental advance to finally find a fuel or clean energy system that allows us to reduce the alarming levels of pollution in which we live today.

In this sense, we know that pollution and pollution are at values ​​that are truly alarming, and current technology is not capable of finding a satisfactory solution, but it is hoped that nanotechnology, hand in hand with nanobotics, can offer us answers. concrete actions regarding the cleaning of contaminated lands and waters that will end forever with this problem that affects all of us who live on Earth.

Also in health, it is expected that the evolution of nanotechnology and nanobots will lead us to answers to many of the questions we have in the field of health and medical research regarding treatments for diseases such as cancer, surgical procedures, diagnosis and so on. are nanobots being used today

Now that we can understand the scope and goals of nanotechnology, we are missing the other component, the one that will ultimately achieve all those things that we only see in movies: Nanobots. are nanobots being used today

What are nanobots

First of all, we have to know that nanobots are the product of the development of nanorobotics, which is a field of new technologies, which is responsible for the research and development of autonomous machinery designed around manometric-scale components, such as explained earlier in this article.

These nanobots, also called nanorobots, nanoids, nanoagents, nanites, nanomachines or nanomites, in short, are nothing more than really tiny robots, which can have different shapes and are capable of carrying out a task autonomously.

Precisely due to their size, and to this possibility of being able to move autonomously, they are the technology chosen by researchers around the world to achieve objectives that until now have not been achieved by any other technology, such as the exploration of the body. human from within or the cleanliness of the environment.

It should be noted that this is a field that is still in a primitive and very hypothetical state of research, however, tests with nanomotors and nanosensors have been able to be carried out with considerable success

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