What are pink lakes

Nature surprises us with incredible phenomena, the product of the most curious reactions. The pink water lakes are one of them. Lovers of photography, landscaping or simply curious people willing to be surprised, they travel every year to enjoy its pink water. This type of characteristic lakes is found throughout the world, so we can find pink lakes in Spain, such as the famous Torrevieja lagoon, pink lakes in Mexico, pink lakes in Australia and we will also see pink lakes in Senegal, among other countries. Although not all of us have time or money to travel, you may want to get to know them a little more closely without leaving home.

The first question we must answer is… Why are there pink lakes? The response to this phenomenon begins with a common feature of all these lakes: their high salinity . These conditions favor the growth and development of various types of algae and bacteria , as well as small crustaceans . Being an ecosystem not suitable for the vast majority of living beings, there is a massive reproduction of its inhabitants that gives, as a result, that characteristic color.

Among these organisms, it will be the Dunaliella salina , a microalgae that grows in saline environments, which confers this coloration in most cases. This is due to its enormous concentration of carotenoids , reddish or orange in color, also present in nature, such as the pigmentation of red peppers or carrots. Their mixing results in the pink color of the water . In addition, the color of the pink lake water increases as the water evaporates and the salt remains. In this way, a greater number of Dunaliella salina algae are concentrated, which end up reflecting their color on the salt crystal.

How many pink lakes are there in the world

We can find pink lakes around the world . Although, while it is true that Australia has the vast majority of pink rivers in the world, it is also true that we can find pink lakes in countries such as Kazakhstan, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, Azerbaijan and Senegal, among others.

Names and location of the pink lakes

Next, we want to show you some of the most beautiful pink lakes in the world.

Lago Hillier

Among the most spectacular lakes in the world is this Australian lake that is surrounded by lush forest and close to the coast. The contrast between the pink color of its waters and the turquoise tones of the sea make this lake the most beautiful in Australia. As we have already mentioned, in the country there are three more pink-water lakes, but not as spectacular.

Lake Retba

This pink lake is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Cape Verde, in Senegal. This African lake covers an area of ​​3km2 that is not only used as a tourist attraction but also as a salt mine. In Africa we will find more pink water lakes but none stands out as much as Lake Retba.

Lake Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas is one of those magical places on the Yucatan coast that cannot be overlooked. Located in the municipality of Río Lagartos, we find here a picture that is difficult to forget with the pink water of the lakes separated by only a strip of sand from that of the sea.

Although they are popularly called lakes or lagoons, what actually happens is that they are pools of high salinity, a product of the sea salt extraction activity in the area, the number 1 in Mexico. Las Coloradas does not have a great tourist infrastructure, which is also a plus if you are looking for a more intimate and original destination.

The Salt Flats of Torrevieja

The pink lagoon of Torrevieja, in the Natural Park of the La Mata and Torrevieja lagoons, in Alicante, is one of the largest salt flats in Europe, if not the largest directly, with its 2,100 hectares of extension. They were not really opened to tourism until 2018, although since then they have been a resounding success due to the great spectacle offered by their pink waters.

Lago Masazir

Located in Azerbaijan, Lake Masazir is a jewel of nature. Its intense pink waters are the delight of photography lovers, especially since it is not yet well known at the tourist level. This allows landscape lovers to enjoy not only the color show of the lake, but also the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds it. In addition, it is also used as a base for the salt industry.

Lago Dusty Rose

Located in the heart of British Columbia, in the Tweedsmuir natural park, in Canada, we find one of the most unique pink lakes in the world, and that is that the Dusty Rose, unlike the other pink lakes, does not owe its color to the salinity and the presence of halobacteria. Instead, the color of its waters comes from the minerals present in the surrounding land. Around the Dusty Rose, we can also visit other smaller lakes, some pink and another a beautiful green.

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