What are washing nuts and what are they for

Washing nuts are still great unknown to many people. The benefits and advantages that these nuts offer us compared to other more conventional products are immense, both ecologically, as well as economically or socially.

The washed nuts have different uses; They are used to wash clothes, for logar hygiene and a multitude of applications that we will talk about below.

What are wash nuts

Despite the fact that more and more people use and enjoy the benefits of washing nuts, today they are still a fairly unknown product outside of the circles of environmentalism or natural products. That is why before explaining its advantages and benefits it is good to start at the beginning and explain what washing nuts are .

The name has not been given in vain, the washing nuts are the fruit of what is known as the soap tree . This is a tree native to different Asian countries, especially Nepal and India, which produces a fruit with an appearance similar to walnuts or hazelnuts. But, what is special about them and why are they used as a cleaning product? Well, this fruit is very rich in saponin , a completely natural substance that is a magnificent detergent. Saponin, when mixed with water dissolves and creates a natural soap perfect for cleaning fabrics, surfaces or even the skin.

We have said that they are not well known yet, and this is a half truth, perhaps it would be more correct to say that they are not known in the West. Washing nuts have been used in India and Nepal as a detergent since time immemorial and their properties are widely known there.

What are washing nuts for?

Although mainly washed nuts are used in the washing machine, chopping them and putting them in the load together with the clothes, the reality is that there are many uses and applications that can be very useful in cleaning the home or even personal. Here we explain what the washing nuts are for :

  • As a laundry detergent, whether on cotton, silk, wool or synthetic fabrics, as well as white or colored garments. The washing nuts respect all types of fabrics and colors.
  • As a natural detergent for the dishwasher.
  • Natural cleaning product, for example, as a window cleaner.
  • Anti-dust product to clean furniture.
  • Product to clean the kitchen and bathroom without damaging the tiles or marble.
  • Like soap for the floor.
  • As a body gel.
  • As a hair shampoo.
  • Repellent against snails and slugs in the garden.
  • Repellent for plant aphids.

Benefits of washing nuts

But the greatness of the washing nuts is not only their versatility and the large number of applications they have is that, in addition, they are better and have more advantages than other products in almost all aspects. Here we explain the advantages of washing nuts compared to other products:

  • It is completely natural.
  • It deeply cleanses the fabrics and gives them softness.
  • Unlike other products, it is not aggressive with fabrics.
  • It is not aggressive with the skin, it is especially recommended for people with allergies, skin sensitivity or for young children.
  • They are cheaper than traditional cleaning products.
  • It is respectful with the environment and totally ecological.
  • It has not had to be tested on animals, like most personal hygiene products.
  • In case of using it as a detergent, it is not necessary to add fabric softener to the wash.

As you have seen, washing nuts provide us with great benefits. But these advantages are not the only thing that is seducing so many people, to this we must add that its use is really easy for anyone. Normally these nuts are used for the washing machine, as a substitute for detergent and fabric softener, and for this use it is as easy as putting 3 or 4 halved nuts together with the load of clothes . That is, all we have to do is put half a dozen half shells inside a cotton bag and put it in the washing machine as if it were just another garment.

However, there are a number of considerations that you should take into account when using washing nuts . We will explain them to you below:

  • The saponin in the peels dissolves after 30 degrees , so if we are going to do colder washes we must use liquid soap, which we will explain how to do it next.
  • The good thing is that you do not have to change them every time you go to put a washing machine, but the washing nuts can last up to 3 washes if it is not at a temperature higher than 40 degrees and up to 2 washes if it exceeds 60.

So far we have only talked about positive things, but like everything it has its cons. We explain things you should pay attention to :

  • When the wash is white clothes it is possible that it leaves a very light layer of a greyish color. To avoid this, it is as easy as adding a little percarborate to the washing machine .
  • In the same way, we can add a few drops of an essential oil of our choice, since walnuts do not have any perfume.
  • We must also take into account that the cotton bag can easily rotate inside the drum. For this we should not fill it to the maximum and leave some space.

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