What Do Pet Butterflies Eat? With General Information

We express that what do butterflies eat? And general information about pet butterflies.

Common name :  Butterfly  and moth.

Scientific Name : Many, such as Aglaia urtica and Callimorpha jacobaeae
Distribution : apart from polar regions, worldwide
Habitat : Almost everywhere plants are found
Adult size : 0.5 to 23 cm (1 / 4-9 in)

General : There are a huge number of butterfly and moth species, however, like many animals, populations are declining, usually as a direct result of human intervention. Moths are generally nocturnal, having differently shaped and feathered antennae, and at rest they place their wings horizontally on the back.

Butterflies are generally diurnal animals, they have antennae that look a bit like matches, with a knot at the tip, and they rest with their wings upright.

Many species of day and night butterflies can be kept in captivity. Native species are easier than those in the tropics, which need high temperatures and humidity. The life expectancy of adults varies from a few weeks to several months. Some species hibernate.

What do butterflies eat?

Diet : Adult butterflies and some moths feed on the nectar of flowers . This can be supplied in captivity by soaking a piece of sponge in a sugar solution, and allowing the pet butterfly to rest on it, after which it will generally feed. Some adult moths do not feed. The larvae feed on the leaves of the  plants , and each species has its specific plant as food. The best way to feed the larvae will be to place them in a pot with the plant they are feeding on in the cage, but be aware that you may need more than one plant. Do not buy the plant from a garden center, since they have been treated with pesticides, and their precious  worms will die. Cultivate the plant yourself, without using any chemicals.

Housing : Butterflies and moths can be housed in   small cages made of nylon, or in a sheath on a suitable tree branch. Do not keep them in a glass tank, as the moisture in the glass will make the wings stick to the tank if they touch it and your butterflies could die as a result.


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