What is Biometric Technology

As we have seen so far, biometrics is basically the use of a person’s biological characteristics in order to promote unique identification mechanisms. This identification can be carried out through body elements that are not the same, that is, elements that contain particular differences such as the iris (colored part of the eyes), the retina (inner membrane of the eyeball), the fingerprint (fingerprint fingerprint), voice, face format and hand format. What is Biometric Technology biometrics check biometrics devices examples of biometric devices

We must even mention that according to the information disseminated about the studies, investigations and developments that are taking place in laboratories where work is being done on deepening biometrics, it would not be surprising that in a few more years the identification by DNA and body odor. biometrics check

However, despite being a new concept, the truth is that biometrics, contrary to what one might think, is a fairly ancient technique , which was used by the Egyptian pharaohs who used the color of the eyes , scars, teeth, hair color and other characteristics to identify certain people. biometrics check examples of biometrics

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Of course, with the advances that technology has had throughout the nineteenth century and the current era, biometrics has managed to gain the attention of scientists, since ultimately in it they found ways to facilitate the identification of people and of make fraud more difficult. biometrics check

At this point it should be clarified that the precision of biometrics is fundamentally based on the measurement of the false negative, which occurs when a user is not recognized by the system, as well as through the false positive, which occurs when a stranger is identified as a user.

In the field of computing and informatics, biometrics has reached a strong development in recent years, providing one of the most reliable security methods to date, and this is precisely because biometrics allows the identification of a person by measuring its biological characteristics, which are unique and unrepeatable.

As we have mentioned, the application of biometrics in different fields, but especially in the computer world, has been expanding because this type of identity recognition system is much more difficult to forge than for example a password, since the biometric aspects are exclusive of each one of the individuals. examples of biometrics

Biometric data and identification What is Biometric Technology

To learn more about what biometrics is about, we are going to review some basic aspects that make it up and that are essential for you to achieve your objectives. In this sense, we cannot speak of biometrics if we do not know roughly what the so-called biometric data consists of. biometrics devices examples of biometrics

examples of biometric devices
examples of biometric devices

In general terms, we can say that biometric data are those records that are used in biometrics to be able to uniquely identify people. In other words, for example, a biometric data would be our fingerprints. In this context, biometrics would then be the different methods used to capture, store and use this data.

Depending on the type of biometric authentication that may be used in the established identification system, two different types of biometric data emerge , those that correspond to the individual’s physiological characteristics and those that correspond to behavioral characteristics. biometrics devices

Therefore we have then that the physiological biometric data are those related to the physical aspects, that is, our fingerprints, the iris, the face, while the behavioral biometric data, used in the so-called behavioral biometrics, have to do precisely with the behavior of the person, so this type of data includes signature, handwriting analysis and also speech recognition. biometrics devices

On the other hand, it should be noted that when a biometric system is established, the data to be used to validate the identification of individuals must meet a series of basic requirements, such as that it is a universal element, that is, It must be a characteristic of all people, at the same time it must be a unique element and it must be a characteristic that does not register notable changes throughout the person’s life. biometrics devices

Now, what is the procedure carried out by biometric devices in order to be able to capture and analyze the biometric data that will allow correct identification. Basically, the biometric devices used today usually work using verification or identification parameters. biometrics devices examples of biometric devices examples of biometrics

In the case of biometric devices that use the identity verification system, its task is fundamentally to carry out a unique comparison of the data presented by people, which must be compared with data that has been stored by the system with anteriority. examples of biometric devices examples of biometrics

On the contrary, those biometric devices that are based on the identification method, what they do is once the element is captured, enter it in a database in which the element that perfectly matches the captured one must be found. Hence, the results of this type of biometric systems are usually much more effective than the previous one. examples of biometric devices examples of biometrics

Therefore, as we have seen so far, the so-called biometric identification consists of the mechanism through which it is possible to identify a person through the scanning of their unique characteristics . The biometric device enters the capture of that element into the database to be able to compare said element with the data that is already stored, with which biometric identification is made possible. examples of biometric devices

Biometrics and informatics What is Biometric Technology

One area in which biometrics has gained great popularity in recent years has undoubtedly been the so – called information technology. In short, computers have provided the possibility of establishing platforms that allow improving and streamlining biometric identification procedures, and that is why biometrics has gained wide acceptance in computer security. examples of biometric devices examples of biometrics

This is fundamentally due to the fact that computers can measure people’s biometric data with great precision , since it does so through the electronic and digital analysis of said data. At the same time, thanks to electronic measurement technologies that are carried out through computers, it is possible to use a large amount of biometric data, including voice patterns, fingerprints, and various biological traits of individuals.

In short, biometrics within the field of computer security enables remarkable efficiency, which allows improving the individual operations of each person, and at the same time deepening the security of organizations, since computers undoubtedly have the ability to effectively evaluate the identities of users, in order to allow an operation to complete or allow access. What is Biometric Technology  examples of biometric devices

Of course, for many, the use of biometrics in computer security raises great concerns about people’s privacy. Lovers of conspiracies do not hesitate to ensure that governments and companies steal our data for their own benefits, and this is partly true, since on the other hand biometric identification has more than proven to be one of the safest methods. to verify our identity when we need to carry out important transactions.

That is why, as in almost all technologies that involve the collection of data from individuals, biometrics is also strongly discussed by those who consider it an invasion of people’s privacy, while others assure that it is one of the safest procedures today to confirm that we are who we say we are. examples of biometric devices


It is precisely in relation to privacy where the great disadvantage of biometrics resides, and that many times makes all the great benefits that this identification model has are underestimated.

The truth is that if we compare biometrics with other traditional systems that are currently used for the identification of individuals, we can immediately notice that biometrics has great advantages compared to these other platforms. Hence, its use is increasingly implemented.

In principle, we must point out that biometrics is a more comfortable and secure platform, compared to those traditional systems in which cards, keys and passwords are used, since in the case of biometric systems, access is not required of any external element, but we do it with some characteristic of ourselves.

Therefore, we can say that another of the great advantages of biometrics focuses on the fact that it uses identification elements that cannot be lost or forgotten, that cannot be forged or stolen, precisely due to the fact that it does not use external devices to the identification and verification of the identity of the user.

Thanks to this, another of the strong advantages that comes with a biometric system resides in maintenance costs, since by not requiring external devices associated with identification, these elements should not be replaced, since they do not expire, they cannot be stolen nor can they be lost by the user, in short, they carry them with them all their life. What is Biometric Technology

At the same time, it is important to highlight that biometric-based platforms can be combined with other security systems . What is Biometric Technology  examples of biometrics

However, when reviewing the advantages of biometrics, we must also take into account some of the disadvantages that this type of systems can present, which, as we already mentioned, one of the strongest criticisms around this platform is usually everything. related to people’s privacy. What is Biometric Technology

biometrics check
biometrics check

Among the different disadvantages that arise from biometrics, we can mention the fact that there are various ways that can be used to deceive biometric systems, of course when these systems have been designed with weak and little elaborate standards. A concrete example of this is when facial recognition is used, and in the case of a weak system it provides access by showing a photograph of the person requesting access to the biometric device. biometrics check

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that in the event that someone manages to steal a biometric pattern, this element will ultimately be stolen for life, since we remember that the elements used in biometrics accompany the person throughout their entire life. life and cannot be replaced. biometrics check

And of course again we highlight everything concerning the privacy of people, so in many parts of the world the use of biometric systems has generated important legal consequences based on whether or not the storage of biometric data is really okay. Precisely everything related to privacy is one of the most discussed points in terms of biometrics. examples of biometrics

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