What is Computing?

What is computing system: Computing technology definition: Types of computing: In technical terms, computing is the science that performs an automatic and rational treatment of information as a support for knowledge and communications. It could also be considered as the set of applications of that science through the use of computers or other computer systems and their respective software or applications. what is computing technology

As the years go by, there are certain terms that, although at first involved modern concepts that only experts understood, with the advancement and massification of the fields related to these terms, they actually become everyday aspects in the lives of all people. human beings. That is what happened with computing.

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Examples of computing: If we look for the etymological definition of the word computing, we can find various references in different languages ​​throughout the history of the 20th century. However, despite being a term that has managed to cross the language, social and cultural barriers inherent to each region of the planet, the truth is that one of the first approaches to the concept arose in the early sixties, when the French engineer Philippe Dreyfus used the word “informatique” to name his company, which was called “Société d’Informatique Appliquée”.

Types of computing: In Spanish, the name of the company is translated as “Sociedad de la Informática Aplicada”, and precisely the concept enclosed in that term tried to define the application of computers to store and process information, which is why it arose from the acronym of the words “Automatic information”.

What is computing system: However, there is a precedent to the aforementioned, since in 1957, the German specialist Karl Steinbuch used the term “Informatik” to title a document published in a specialized graphic edition.

Computing technology definition: Today, things have changed, thanks to the gigantic scientific advance that the computer science sector has undergone, and this term that surely arose unexpectedly in search of a play on words that would allow defining a specific activity, has become a true applied science, which through the use of computer systems and devices allow the study and application of automatic information processing to be carried out.

Examples of computing: Due to its mission, we can briefly establish that computer systems, both traditional and modern, to be recognized as such must carry out three fundamental tasks, which are the capture of information, followed by the treatment of said information , for in Last place to obtain the transmission of the results provided by the treatment process. types of computing examples of computing What is computing system:

For this method to have been possible, it was necessary to create a complete system that included its various phases, among which hardware and software are mainly included and highlighted. Computer science is actually what makes it possible for a set of disciplines to converge, offering the possibility that they can then be applied to the most varied and diverse areas of knowledge and human activity.

What is computing for? what is computing technology

As we mentioned, computer science is the science developed in order to study the information and the procedures to treat it, transmit it and automate it. In more human terms, it could be said that computing is the vehicle that allowed us to reach places that without the help of computers and information systems we would have taken many more years to reach.

Examples of computing: Computer science is a science that encompasses many of the technologies that humanity has created in order to make its relationship with the environment that surrounds it a little easier. The fact that it draws from such varied origins, allows it to be applied to all kinds of scenarios, and even to improve or extend the range of applications in which the science from which it was developed can assist. An example of this is engineering; this field is no longer the same without the application of devices or computer data processing. The same happens in other areas such as business, the degree of efficiency of companies would not be the same without process management systems such as ERP, CRM or SAP.

Computing technology definition: But to answer the question in the title, we can say that computing serves to allow us to control and automate more efficiently all the processes that occur in an operation with electronic devices, in order to avoid possible errors in data manipulation, improve the execution time of those processes and other very complex tasks that would otherwise be very troublesome to process.

Types of computing: Basically, this process consists of three steps:

  • the input of information, which can occur through any input peripheral
  • the treatment of said information within the device
  • and as the third and last step, the exposure or output of the processed information, which is carried out through any output peripheral. what is computing technology

What is computing system: In a more practical clarification, computer science serves us for the creation of applications, the design of devices, the development of hardware, artificial intelligence and many other fields.

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