What is Hard Technology?

Examples of hard technology: Specifically, this technology is the set of technologies that are directly related to the process of transformation of raw materials with the aim of developing other products, artifacts or devices with the result of that transformation. It exists in close relationship with soft tech, since from it it takes the procedures that must be used to transform the raw material that it will later transform into other products. what is deep tech

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What is it for?

Hard tech is basically used with the aim of building all kinds of tangible products, that is, they can be touched. In this sense, the clearest example of this tech that we can mention is all that artifact that we can touch with our hands, from a simple screw to the heaviest and largest oil exploitation machinery.

In a slightly more practical sense, these technologies allow us to have the necessary tools to carry out a certain task, regardless of their complexity, since we will always have the appropriate devices to carry it out, mainly due to the union between soft tech, which developed the tool, and hard technology, which is reflected in a certain material.

Examples of hard technology:

Examples of hard technology: The simplest examples of this tech are all those products, gadgets, devices and objects that are commonly used in a wide range of fields, such as industry, electronics, medicine, computing and many other fields.

Examples of hard technology: Trying to make a list of hard tech products would be lengthy work, but we can say that a screwdriver, a power shovel, a rocket, a cable, a computer, a drug, and a host of other products and tools are all products of this technology. hard tech. what is deep tech

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