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Computer hardware refers to all the physical components that make it up. In other words, hardware is everything that you can see and touch. Examples of hardware are the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, cables, connections, etc.

What is hardware for?

Computer hardware has the function of allowing the input, output, storage and transport of data, which are necessary for the software of the equipment.


There are generally two types of hardware:

  1. Basic , device necessary to start the operation of the computer.
  2. Complementary , they perform specific functions or beyond the basic ones.

Depending on the function performed by the hardware, it is categorized into:

  1. input peripherals
  2. output peripherals
  3. Input/output peripherals
  4. Central processing unit.
  5. Memory.

Input peripherals (E)

They allow the user to communicate with the computer, through devices that help enter information from abroad. As they are keyboard, mouse (mouse), scanner, microphone, etc.

Output peripherals (S)

They show the user the result of the operations carried out by the computer. In this group we can find: monitor, printer, speakers, etc.

Input/output peripherals (I/O)

These devices can input and output information. For example we have: modem, hard drives, floppy disks, USB sticks, etc.

Central processing unit

The central processing unit (CPU) is the processor, the brain of the computer, which performs all calculations and decision making. The central element of the CPU is a silicon microprocessor, which integrates inside millions of grouped transistors forming arithmetic-logical units of microscopic size.

Memoria RAM

RAM stands for random access memory or random access memory, it is a type of memory that allows storing and/or extracting information (Read/Write), accessing randomly; that is, it can access any point or address of the same and at any time (not sequential).

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