What is ReactOS?

Since Microsoft decided to no longer provide support for its version of Windows XP since 2014, many users feared for the continuity of their way of working, especially after having tried the new versions, as is the case with Windows 10, where A huge number of new features have been added , but they are not useful to most common users. reactos system requirements reactos compatibility reactos iso reactos 64 bit reactos review

Although the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10, is undoubtedly the best achieved in terms of aesthetics, speed and functions, the truth is that many users do not need so many features due to the nature of their work and even to Sometimes it far exceeds the processing capacity of these computers, so many users still prefer to use Windows XP, with the risk that this represents, since Microsoft no longer offers security updates or technical support for this old version of its operating system. reactos system requirements reactos compatibility

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reactos review

Although we are sorry, today Windows XP has been completely obsolete , since as we mentioned you can not get more updates or support, and at this point is where ReactOS will enter the scene. reactos system requirements reactos compatibility

Basically, ReactOS is a completely free alternative operating system to which we must pay close attention, since it is basically a kind of free clone of Windows XP , and therefore we can easily run all the applications that we used to use on Windows. XP, but with the possibility of obtaining constant modernizations thanks to the constant work of its developers. reactos system requirements

Although ReactOS is in a constant state of development, the truth is that it already has quite stable versions, which allow us to use the operating system without risks. reactos system requirements

ReactOS Review: The Free Windows

ReactOS Review: Reactos system requirements: Based on the NT architecture, the best presentation of ReactOS is the possibility of running most of the applications that we used in Windows XP and that we currently use on Windows 10. reactos system requirements

Reactos 64 bit: This makes ReactOS a more than valid alternative for all those users who have many PCs out of date in technology performing functions, and who do not want to invest money in their modernization, since if they have provided an excellent service until now, it is not necessary to change them. , which would incur large investment costs. reactos iso reactos 64 bit

Reactos compatibility: The main objective of ReactOS is to achieve full compatibility with programs and different types of hardware that until now only worked on systems based on NT technology, such as Windows XP. reactos review

For this, ReactOS was developed based on an architecture with characteristics similar to this design, in addition to having a simple, modern and efficient graphical interface, which facilitates its use in the hands of any type of user, thanks to its flexible and extensible structure. design.

As we mentioned, ReactOS is entirely based on NT and was designed with the aim of providing a familiar look and similar functionality to the Windows interface, so that users could change operating systems without neglecting their usual applications. reactos system requirements

ReactOS Review: A bit of history reactos compatibility

ReactOS Review: Created based on a development that started from scratch, ReactOS was devised by a group of developers in 1996, who were interested in offering the common user a free software and open source tool under the GNU GPL license, which could compete with Microsoft Windows. reactos iso

Reactos 64 bit: The project, which in its beginnings had been called “FreeWin95”, started from the base of creating a clone of the renowned Windows 95 operating system, but by the end of 1997 the development of the new software was stagnant. reactos review

It was only the following year when a group of members of the original project joined with Jason Filby as coordinator of the same, and from then on they began to work permanently on the development of the system kernel and basic device drivers, resulting in the birth of ReactOS.  reactos iso

ReactOS is Free reactos system requirements reactos compatibility

ReactOS Review: Reactos system requirements: The developers of this operating system project are working hard to make ReactOS one of the safest, lightest and most powerful on the market today.

Reactos system requirements: Although at the moment the available versions of this operating system are not totally stable, the truth is that ReactOS has managed to become in recent years an option chosen by many users around the world, especially after the removal of support for Windows XP by Microsoft. reactos system requirements reactos compatibility reactos 64 bit

Reactos compatibility: One of the main highlights of ReactOS is that it can be used in different areas and types of computers, ranging from embedded micro computers, through home PCs, workstations, server farms, mainframes, to supercomputers. reactos iso reactos compatibility

In addition to being totally free, being an Open Source and open source operating system, the source code is available for all those who wish to collaborate with the project, in order to improve the skills of the software and reduce the errors that it may have until the moment. reactos system requirements

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