What is social ecology

Social ecology is a concept related to something as interesting and necessary in society as the critical spirit and denunciation, a demonstration of how important it is to think about reality and bet on utopia as a goal to which we must always strive. social ecology definition

Also known as eco-anarchism , social ecology is a philosophical and political trend that drinks from environmentalism and anarchism. His father, the American Murray Bookchin (1921-2006), -one of the pioneers of the environmental movement-, laid his foundations from a critical approach that was opposed to environmentalism, with the aim of finding a solution to the contemporary problems caused by domination. of the human being within the current capitalist scheme.

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The ecology social advocates a humanistic approach to the environment from an alternative point of view to that of the time, separating the environmental problems of social, typical of the sixties and seventies, but today things have not changed much. social ecology definition

As the first social ecologist, Bookchin proposes a global vision, a holistic relationship between natural beings, which included the human being. Its balance would be achieved through self-regulation, without interventions that, far from helping the planet, were causing environmental problems.

The ideal society would be an ” ecological society ” that, far from following the dictates of capitalism, would organize itself under the aegis of the ecological economy, based on sustainability in all its orders, organized through the coordination of independent self-governing communities.

Bookchin’s contributions laid the foundations for what he himself defined as social ecology, a discipline that emerged from and for our time. This is how Murray explains it in his book “The Ecology of Freedom”:

Crucial as the deterioration of institutions and values ​​may seem, the problems afflicting today’s society are by no means exhausted in that decline. Interspersed with the social crisis, lies a crisis that has arisen directly from man’s exploitation of the planet.

Beyond theory, the greater or lesser viability of its proposals, social ecology is a call to attention to contemporary problems related to the environment . A clear demonstration that best practice is good theory.

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