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Currently, it  is quite common for a user to own not one, but several portable devices such as smartphones, laptops and smartphones, which most of the time they use to complete their work activity. In this scenario, it  is vital that there is a way to share the information and files that are stored in them. Synchronization in Communication what is syncing in computers

This is possible,  and is called synchronization.  This system allows us, among other things, to start with the preparation of a document on the laptop or desktop PC in the office, continue it on the tablet and give it the last look on the smartphone. If you want,  you can know in depth what synchronization is , and how to use its tools to get all the possible advantages. Synchronization in Communication what is syncing in computers

That is why in this post we will find everything necessary to enter the world of synchronization and be able to get the best possible use of its particularities and thus improve our daily tasks. what is syncing in computers

What is and what does sync mean? Synchronization in Communication

Basically, in the field of computing devices, synchronizing means that one or more files are kept in the same version,  that is, that the changes we make in any of these documents are reflected in all the other devices we have,, that They can be computers, telephones, and other computing devices. To give a practical example of this, we can say that synchronization is used to keep appointments on the agenda of a smartphone up to date with the agenda of a tablet. what is syncing in computers

Synchronize cell phones Synchronization in Communication

In the world of telephony,  the possibility of synchronizing cell phones and smartphones with the other devices we have  is essential to be able to carry out our tasks with the maximum capacity. That is why large developers such as Microsoft or Google make great efforts so that users can synchronize cell phones and smartphones  with the other devices they own in a simple and understandable way. what is syncing in computers

An example of this are photos, documents and music, files that in the case of Windows and Android we can keep synchronized thanks to applications such as  Google Photos, OneDrive, Groove or Google Music.

Sync photos Synchronization in Communication

Today, any device has a camera to take photos, which can have many megapixels, which translates into high quality, or simply be a basic camera of little importance. But whatever the quality of the camera, we will surely take pictures with all of them. what is syncing in computers

Here we are going to notice that the possibility of synchronizing photos between devices is one of the best features that an operating system can offer, since it will allow us to see the photos we take on a cell phone or tablet on the desktop computer or even on the Smart TV. what is syncing in computers

The best  applications to sync photos are Google Photos and Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 , since both programs have versions for the main operating systems. what is syncing in computers

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Sync files Synchronization in Communication

The  synchronization of files between devices  is one of the most important features for anyone working with multiple devices, and allows us updated all our documents  regardless of the computer or portable device where we are going to use them . what is syncing in computers

In this sense, there are several services and applications that allow us to synchronize files. The most widely used today are  cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox,  all services that offer versions so that they can be used from any device and operating system, including Apple products.

Free tools to sync documents and files Synchronization in Communication

As users who are used to  working with several computers throughout the day, we know how useful it can be to  keep all the documents and files synchronized between all of them. Although there are several methods to keep these documents synchronized, such as copying and transferring from a pendrive, the truth is that it is not a comfortable or efficient way of doing things. In this article we will know some  synchronization tools that can give us a great help with this task. what is syncing in computers

There are also applications that allow us to  synchronize files without accessing the cloud. One of the most interesting is an application called Resilio, due to its ease of use. what is syncing in computers

The best way to  keep our data and documents synchronized  is the use of a specific application, which will provide us with the necessary options to keep our work through the Internet or a network. With this we will ensure that the work we finish at home is available in the office without making any other effort.

In the paragraphs below, we can find some of  the best file synchronization tools on the market , and the best part is that they are totally free.

SyncToy Synchronization in Communication

This is another of the magnificent free tools that Microsoft has made available to users, within the well-known series of applications called  “PowerToy”. This application offers us a pleasant user experience, it could not be otherwise in the case of Microsoft, and it provides us with a simple to use interface, and that will facilitate automating the  synchronization of files and folders.

SyncToy performs five different types of operations to sync two folders : Synchronize, “Echo”, Subscribe, Collaborate, and Merge.

Allway Sync Synchronization what is syncing in computers in Communication

This synchronization application for Windows offers us a series of  important advantages such  as the possibility of synchronizing files on a removable USB drive or CD. It is also possible to  use it as a backup tool . To do this, we only have to synchronize the folders on our PC with any backup device and it will automatically create a copy of it.

BestSync Synchronization in Communication

Another of the best utilities that we can find in the market is Best Sync, which  will allow us to synchronize files between local folders and network drives ,  FTP servers  and removable media such as pen drives and optical storage drives. what is syncing in computers

With Best Sync we will be in a position to  synchronize, compress and encrypt files on a USB drive  in the office, for example, and perform the synchronization, decompression and decryption to any other PC, notebook or netbook. One of the best features of the program is the  ability to encrypt the data , something very important if we lose the pendrive.

How to synchronize music between Android and our PC Synchronization in Communication

As we know, the type of file that is stored in the greatest amount on a device is music, and that is why it is so important to find a practical and safe method of keeping all our music in sync in a simple and fast way. We will be talking about this issue in the following paragraphs. what is syncing in computers

To come to fruition,  one of the best tools to synchronize music that we can count on is, without a doubt, Double Twist, a simple but powerful application that incorporates everything necessary to make synchronization between our devices as efficient and easy possible. what is syncing in computers

Double Twist has versions for Windows, Mac and Android platforms,  which guarantees that we can use it anywhere and on any operating system . It should be noted that the Android version can also be used as a music player.

This excellent software will give us a fantastic opportunity to  keep our entire music collection in sync , whether we use Double Twist as an audio player on our Windows or Mac PC or even to sync playlists in iTunes.

In addition, the system offers us the option of  synchronizing our music collection  wirelessly by using a plug-in called Air Sync.

Another option to consider is  Missing Sync , with which, in addition to being able to synchronize our music, we will have the  opportunity to do so with other elements such as contacts, calendars, notes, music playlists, photos, files and videos. This synchronization  is carried out through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections, we can also use a simple USB cable.

Although it is a paid software, the quantity and quality of its functions  fully justify the expense  involved in purchasing it. If you wish, you can test this application by clicking on this link.

How to synchronize files between Android and our PC Synchronization in Communication

From this point on, we are going to talk about  data synchronization between the Android operating system and our PC, with the aim of keeping our documents perfectly up to date on both devices.

Although currently, and thanks to the great advances that have been made in cloud computing, and above all the existence of services such as Google, it  is practically unnecessary to have to protect data on our PC,  but the truth is that they can There are special situations in which we must synchronize a file to be able to work with it directly from our desktop PC.

File sync via Dropbox

Synchronizing documents between a cloud service such as Dropbox and our desktop PC, notebook or terminal with Android is currently as simple as using an external disk or network disk, since this kind of “Cloud Computing” services allow the user to a transparent operation, that is to say that no knowledge of networks is required to be able to use them.

To start using the service, we just have to download the application, create an account in the service and add the files that we want to synchronize between our different devices. It should be noted that we must install as many Dropbox clients as we have  computers or phones  .

Although in this case the synchronization is not automatic, that is to say that we must indicate to the system which files we want to synchronize, the truth is that Dropbox, in addition to free for the first GB. Storage space is one of the most used tools for these tasks.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph,  Dropbox does not offer the possibility of automating the synchronization , but for this case we can use a tool called  “Titanium Media Sync”.

File Synchronization Using Titanium Media Sync

This program offers us the possibility of being able to synchronize, fully automatically, our terminal with Android and our Dropbox account. To use the service, we only  have to choose which folders or files to  synchronize so that the system updates the selected contents both on the PC and on our terminal.

Synchronize Android with Windows 10

One of the main advantages that the latest installment of Windows brought with it is the possibility of being able to  synchronize with little effort the tasks that we carry out through tablets and smartphones with our desktop or laptop PC , regardless of the operating system that we have installed on the portable device. Of course, for this to offer the necessary comfort, we must depend on applications developed by Microsoft such as OneDrive, Office and others.

In this sense, what users of Google products will surely be thinking is that Microsoft once again left them aside on this issue, however  the company will never spend the fortunes in development that it means to synchronize data with the applications of its competitors . In the case of Google we can always use Chrome and its native applications such as Keep, Inbox and the others, of  course without enjoying a perfect synchronization between all our devices and the PC.

To know how we can achieve this  synchronization between smartphones, tablets and computers through the tool integrated in Windows 10, in  addition to obtaining some tips, we suggest you read this article in full, where we can also evacuate a few doubts.

Office suite synchronization Office

One of the features most demanded by hundreds of thousands of users was the ability to  continue work started in Office for PC on their Android smartphone or tablet, or vice versa.

As of the release of Windows 10, this request has been fulfilled, and in an extremely simple way. The best of all is that the only thing we will have to do to obtain the benefits that this feature means is to log in to all the services with the same credentials,  and immediately all the files and documents that we want to be synchronized will do so through OneDrive , Microsoft’s cloud storage system.

To continue working exactly where we left off, we will have to use the tool called  “Phone Add-on”,  which is an application integrated into the operating system that basically allows us to perform all the document synchronization tasks  between Windows 10 and smartphones and tablets with different operating systems  like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Once we have configured the application, all that remains is to connect the device, open the program and  access the synchronized documents.

Email and calendar synchronization

As of Windows 10,  the synchronization of Outlook email and the calendar between our different devices and the PC does not represent any kind of problem, and any change that occurs on any of the devices will automatically be reflected on the others.

For the synchronization to be possible,  the only thing we have to take into account is to be connected with the same account and the same credentials,  that is, the same password and username.

This is also the case, the synchronization configuration is also carried out by the “Phone Add-in” tool   from Windows 10. In the case of having a device with the Android operating system installed,  of course we will also have to install the Outlook application to this environment. After having installed and configured what is necessary, all we have to do is synchronize emails and calendars.

Synchronizing photos from your smartphone or tablet camera

The possibility of  obtaining a record in the form of a photograph is one of the features added to modern devices, undoubtedly most used by users  of this type of device, who use it several times a day.

With such a large number of photographs captured by the camera of the smartphone or tablet, it  is absolutely necessary to have a tool that allows us to be able to synchronize them with the computer,  in order to also use them on this device.

With Windows 10 and OneDrive this issue is completely resolved, since between them they are able to synchronize all the images taken completely automatically and without any intervention on our part. Best of all, you hardly have to make a few adjustments to get everything up and running. So simple that it cannot be believed.

What is a Micro USB

As up to now, the system configuration on the PC is done using the “Complement phone” tool  ,  and for the phone or tablet, we must install and configure the uploading of photos in the “Automatic”  mode  in OneDrive. It should be noted that in both cases we must log in with the same username and password.

Once we are done with both programs,  our images will be ready and available on our devices.

Synchronize notes and to-do lists

Also another of the features most used by smartphone and tablet users are notes. Examples of this is the wide range of applications of this type on the market, such as  Evernote, Google Keep, Wunderlist, Any.DO and Microsoft OneNote , just to name a few of them.

However, the level of integration that Microsoft’s tool, OneNote, can have  is indisputably the best if we use Windows as the operating system , since it is present in practically every corner of it.

For those users who do not know, you can  directly synchronize the One Note notes that we have on the computer directly with the smartphone or tablet just by accessing both applications with the same username and password.

Once we have done this, the notes will be synced and available on both PC and portable devices.

It should be noted that for those who wish to save the time and effort of installing and configuring everything necessary, we can also make use of the “Telephone Add-on” tool   which provides the necessary options to synchronize our notes safely and quickly. .

Best Ways to Sync Photos from Phone to PC

With the expansion of smartphones, and their increasingly sophisticated technology , it  is practically impossible not to have one or two cameras on any smartphone,  which provides us with unprecedented convenience when capturing a moment for posterity, since you almost never carry a compact digital camera with you, but it is highly likely that a cell phone does.

With this in mind, then most likely our device is crammed with photographs,  which we have the obligation to transfer to the computer to avoid any type of loss,  which we can do using a USB cable and a little patience. However, in these times when patience is a very rare commodity, and that is why the prospect of wasting time doing this task seems a nuisance to many.

However,  there are some alternatives that will allow us to get rid of the cables and the waiting, using the phone itself and some applications.  In this article we will know how to implement this useful and simple procedure.


Dropbox is one of the easiest and fastest ways to  synchronize the photos that we have stored on our PC,  and it also offers us the possibility of doing it from  iOS or Android.

Its use is really simple, and does not require configuration, since all we have to do is tell the program to  synchronize the photos on our phone with the Dropbox account,  which will also provide us with 3 Gb. Of additional storage space to be able to comfortably save all the photos we want.

From this point on,  any photograph that we take with the smartphone camera will be stored first in the cloud,  and from there directly to the PC, without any kind of participation on our part. In this sense, we can tell the program to perform the synchronization at certain times, that is, we can tell it, for example, that this task is carried out only when we have a Wi-Fi connection.

what is syncing in computers
what is syncing in computers


Microsoft could not be left out of this profitable business, and that is why a few years ago it offered a service similar to Dropbox, called Onedrive, with which we can keep the photos of our smartphone synchronized with the PC.

Similar to the Dropbox model, OneDrive also offers us 3 Gb. Of additional free space so that we can store all the photos we want comfortably, of  course we must first configure the application for the phone to automatically store all the photos we have on the phone.

Notably, OneDrive is available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.

Google Photos

Among its characteristics , the computer giant also offers us the possibility of  transferring photographs from our cell phone to the PC in a simple and very pleasant way . P ara all  those who care about the safety and privacy of your personal life, it  is important to note that the images uploaded to the cloud through this medium, so default  is not shared with anyone only stored privately.

Regarding the capacity of Google Photos, this offers an advantage that the others do not have, as long as the photos are smaller than a certain size, 2048 pixels  these will not occupy storage space.

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