What is Technoaddiction?

Although the medical studies that exist around technoaddiction are still scarce, so it is not appropriate in this case to speak of pathology, since it has not yet been properly classified within the standards of mental disorders, the truth is that the Technoaddiction exists and greatly affects those who suffer from it, without being fully aware of it. Effects of Technology Addiction technology addiction definition technology anxiety definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

In general terms, we can define technoaddiction or addiction to technology as the urgent and uncontrollable need to use electronic and technological devices , such as computers, cell phones, tablets and others.  Effects of Technology Addiction

Of course, because it is a very broad and encompassing term, the truth is that technoaddiction is not only limited to the use of said devices, but mainly to the dependence that is generated towards the services and applications that users of it. Electronic equipment can be used through them, causing abuse in the use of such software tools. Effects of Technology Addiction

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A clear example of this is the abusive use in a daily amount of time that a person may be using their cell phone, always to be able to use social networks. In this way an addiction is created not only to the device, but also to the internet and the social network that has been chosen by the user. Even when you are not connected, you will surely keep an eye on any notifications that may arrive. Effects of Technology Addiction technology addiction definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

Regarding the social subject that ends up being addicted to technology, although in a large percentage technoaddiction is detected more frequently in prepubescent and adolescents, the truth is that it can affect the general population, including children, adults and seniors, regardless of the sociocultural group to which they belong. Effects of Technology Addiction can technology cause anxiety and depression

Regarding the gender of the individual, it is clear that technoaddiction can be developed by both men and women , although there are some differences regarding the object of addiction of each one. technology addiction definition technology anxiety definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

In general, addiction to online games, game applications, and pornography are more common among men . In the case of women, most of them develop addiction to social networks, online shopping and chatting. can technology cause anxiety and depression

With regard to the factors that would act as causes of the appearance of technoaddiction, at the moment the exact origin of it is unknown, so it is estimated that in reality several risk factors tend to be added in a population that could be more vulnerable to suffer from this addiction. technology addiction definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

So far, research carried out in the field of psychology and psychiatry regarding technoaddiction shows a series of parameters that could become triggers for the appearance of this problem, among which mention is made of the environment, the state of the individual’s mental health, their own personality traits, social and environmental pressures, and even some inherent genetic traits. technology addiction definition technology anxiety definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

The truth is that these are factors that are considered underlying causes of technology addiction, although it has not yet been determined exactly what it is that ultimately causes technoaddiction, hence the difficulty in treating it. technology addiction definition technology anxiety definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

However, we can say that in most cases in which technoaddiction appears at a certain point in life , it has been determined by other underlying health problems, such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and so on. technology addiction definition technology anxiety definition can technology cause anxiety and depression

Also, a number of specific pre-existing mental health problems, such as those who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), have a greater tendency and risk to be vulnerable to suffer from technoaddiction. technology anxiety definition

Of course, experts agree that those people who have difficulties in social settings, due to shyness, insecurity and introspection, are the most likely to develop a technoaddiction, since they choose to use electronic devices at all times in order to be able to meet your social needs. technology anxiety definition

That is why technoaddiction is framed within the so-called behavioral addictions, which are broadly characterized mainly by the progressive inability of the subject to be able to control, regulate or limit addictive behavior.

Of course, this behavior generates permanent and harmful interference with people’s social, family, academic and work life.

The bad news is that far from being able to currently have campaigns that warn against the damage that technoaddiction can cause, the truth is that technology developers, including companies that manufacture phones, video game creators and owners of social networks, They try to create products that can take advantage of the weaknesses of the individual and their addictive tendencies, thus generating a cycle of compulsion that does not allow the subject to get out of the vicious cycle of the addiction they suffer from.

Common symptoms of technoaddiction

As we have seen, the causes that can lead to the appearance of technoaddiction are multiple, and we can even verify that the development of this behavior is not necessarily linked to pre-existing psychological or psychiatric pathologies, although of course these are more vulnerable individuals .

Nor can we say that addiction to technology is typical of men or women, or that it only occurs in the early age of adolescence and expands over the years towards the path of adulthood.

It is a fallacy to try to frame technoaddiction to a social group, an age group or a certain and specific causal , since the truth is that it can be present at any time in our lives.

As for the trigger, although there are also several factors that are considered to be of greater risk here, the truth is that an ordinary person, who has never had an addiction or a certain behavior disorder, and at the same time is a person who has managed to socialize properly, you can develop a technoaddiction in your life.

Something that appears as an object of interest, for example the interaction that occurs in social networks, can over time turn the individual into an addict to its use, even being aware at all times of the new notifications received from the community in which it participates.

That is why before the risk of the appearance of a technoaddiction , it is important that we remain alert to the possible symptoms that may arise and indicate the presence of an addiction to technology.

In this regard, there are several signs that may be telling us that a person is suffering from technoaddiction, although the most frequent symptoms are usually behaviors that include, for example, the progressive decrease of the subject’s interest in different activities in real life. , that is, they occur without the use of technology and the internet.

Those who suffer from some technoaddiction may present poor or bad hygiene, as well as express constant irritability, in addition to showing excessive frustration at the times when they must disconnect and stop using the electronic device. effects of technology addiction

This then leads to deficiencies at work, at school and even in social relationships with friends, family and others, as persistent use of the electronic device becomes normal in their daily life.

Likewise, those who suffer from a technoaddiction tend to express concern about the experiences lived online, even in moments when they are disconnected, and in their eagerness to improve said experience, they spend time analyzing the situations of past experiences and tend to plan how they will behave in the future, for example projecting specific behaviors within a game of a video game.

Although these are some of the most frequent symptoms that those who suffer from some technoaddiction may present, the truth is that when there is the slightest doubt it is important to take some palliative measures, and if necessary, consult a specialist.

The effects of addiction

Technoaddiction, as with other types of substance addictions, usually provoke different emotional and physical problems in the individual who suffers from them, hence the importance of being alert to the symptoms in order to implement an appropriate treatment before the consequences are serious.

Both children, adolescents and adults can suffer one or more of the technoaddictions described above in this article, and the truth is that in a short time they can experience the negative impact of them within their social and family life, such as so also at work or at school.

As we have seen, the so-called technoaddictions mainly include those related to video games, social networks and web browsing, among others, all of which cause the appearance of various adverse effects.

Among the main effects caused by addictions, and more specifically technoaddictions , we find the following:

  • Difficulties to socialize.
  • Deterioration of relationships with family, friends and partners.
  • Economic problems.
  • Poor performance at school or work.
  • Physical damage, in some cases irreversible, due to excessive sedentary lifestyle.
  • Visual problems.
  • Text neck disorder.
  • Behavioral and mental disorders.
  • Insomnia.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Malnutrition or obesity.
  • Reduction of immunity.
  • Impaired mental abilities.
  • Neurological problems effects of technology addiction

In addition to all these effects, we must not ignore that technoaddictions can cause damage to the brain, since in principle we must bear in mind that addictions to technology act in a similar way to chemical addictions. effects of technology addiction

In this sense, we must point out that the expectation generated by the addiction in the person who suffers from it is usually followed by a reward, for example winning a level in a video game or obtaining a “like” on Facebook, which at a neurological level is equivalent the brain to release dopamine and other chemicals that make a person feel good and satisfied.

As time passes and the addiction deepens, the individual will need more and more frequently for his brain to release these substances, for which he will require greater and greater stimuli in order to obtain that effect.

How to treat a technoaddiction

As we have pointed out previously, technoaddiction is considered a type of disorder that has many points in common with obsessive compulsive disorder, since in its different forms it occurs when the subject develops a compulsive behavior that he is unable to resist.

That is why in the treatment of technoaddictions prevention is also extremely important, which is achieved through education in the youngest populations, who are also the most vulnerable to suffer from any of the technoaddictions that we have reviewed above.

Once the person is suffering from any of the addictions to technology, the first step to be able to treat this condition is to ensure that the individual can become aware of what is happening to him, that is, that he can recognize the consequences that in his daily life is having its compulsion.

technology anxiety definition
technology anxiety definition

In this way, the next step will be to establish limits in order to be able to interrupt the compulsive cycle, which can be carried out using different alternatives that allow the compulsive action to be replaced, for example by replacing computer hours with a sport or some artistic activity. effects of technology addiction

According to what the experts point out, in order to be successful in treating technoaddictions it is important that the limits are established gradually, that is, to start the process by gradually reducing the time we spend using the computer, the device, playing a video game or connected to the internet.

These steps should help us to overcome the technoaddiction that we are suffering, but the truth is that it is always possible that this alone is not enough, and we then have to turn to a specialist.

At this point, it is important to clarify that the professional help of a psychologist who establishes a treatment to treat our technoaddiction must start from the basis that the professional considers the addiction to technology as an internet addiction disorder, that is to say that the case is taken seriously. effects of technology addiction

One type of method used by most specialists in the field is usually the so  called cognitive-behavioral therapy, which generally seeks through different strategies to change the thoughts associated with the excessive use of technology. Effects of Technology Addiction

In this type of therapy they aim to change the thoughts that cause the compulsive behavior, but at the same time a series of guidelines are established that help the patient to deal with the underlying emotions, such as depression, anxiety and others. Effects of Technology Addiction

In many cases, specialists may also recommend group therapy, since it has been proven that sharing experiences with others who are going through the same problem helps the learning that is required to become aware of addiction and recognize the consequences that this behavior is causing. effects of technology addiction

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