What is the animal with the most teeth in the world

What is the animal with more teeth in the world ? It is a very popular riddle with children and a real question that can generate a lot of intrigue. The animal world is full of fantastic, strange and even fearsome creatures that fascinate and attract us.

The strongest, the biggest, the smallest, the fastest, we all love these curiosities and get to know our neighbors better on planet earth.

What is the animal with the most teeth

The animal with the most teeth is a fish, specifically the catfish , which has 9,280 teeth . The reason for its name is the peculiar tentacles that come out band and band from the mouth, which are reminiscent of the whiskers of felines. In reality they are not a single species, but there are more than 200 that, except for only two species, all live in fresh water.

Catfish have endless rows of teeth that, one after another, add up to a whopping 9,280 teeth that they use to eat small invertebrates, fish, tadpoles or even small mammals. In addition, both the fins and the pectorals have sharp spines that serve them defensively. Some species even have such extraordinary abilities as to create electric shocks.

However, we must say that there is some controversy around this classification because, depending on how we look at it, there is an animal that far exceeds the number of catfish teeth. The answer can be very surprising and it is that this animal is the snail .

The snail’s teeth are not like those of mammals or reptiles, they are not hard, but they fulfill the same function. Although very difficult to see with the naked eye, snails have a radula with a small denture made up of several thousand tiny teeth that they use to scrape food before eating it. The total number of teeth, if we count them as teeth, can reach up to 25,000 .

Compared to other animals, mammals tend to have few teeth. However, the fact that they are few does not mean that they are not valid, since the diversity among them is very great. Depending on the diet of the animal we find different types of teeth, that of a herbivore is not the same as that of a carnivore that must break bones. Incisors for cutting, canine teeth that are used to tear or perfect premolars and molars for chewing and grinding are some of the different types of teeth that we find among land animals.

However, and despite the fact that we have commented that mammals tend to have few pieces compared to other types of animals, surprisingly, the land animal with the most teeth is a mammal. This animal is the giant armadillo , whose scientific name is Priodontes giganteys , which has approximately 100 teeth. These animals, whose population has been decreasing in recent decades and which are in a normal situation, inhabit the South American continent, and can be found in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Possibly you have entered this article looking for the answer to the riddle “which is the animal that has the most teeth” in this case we are not going to disappoint you, it is the perez mouse . This popular mouse is dedicated to taking children’s milk teeth when they fall out, leaving them a gift in return. Have you ever thought about the number of teeth that children all over the world lose every day? The tooth fairy is sure to be the animal with the most teeth in the world!

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