What To Do With Dead Fish And How To Remove From The Tank?

Your fish have not moved since last night and you are worried if it is dead, but you don’t know what to do. Death is an inevitable part of every creature’s life, but it can be a bit painful for pets. In the case of your fish it is better to confirm if it is really dead, very often a sick fish is confused with a dead one.

Recognize dead fish and sick fish: It is very important that you remove fish from the tank only if you are 100% sure that they are dead.

  • Take a closer look at the fish and specifically their gills. Are they breathing? If not, then they are dead.
  • Touch the glass in the fish tank. Do you notice any movement? Do they respond to your taps? If not, the fish may be dead.
  • Try to get them out of the tank for a second, if they don’t fight it’s a sign that they may be dead.
  • Observe the color of the fish. Is it partially or totally white? If so, then they have started to rot.
  • If you have goldfish, you must have observed that they sleep at the bottom of the tank. This does not mean that they are sick or about to die.
  • Make sure the fish is not sick, these can sometimes appear dead. If the sick fish don’t move in a while, then they are dead.
  • Check the water temperature because a sudden change can shock the fish and even kill them.
  • If the fish is spending a lot of time behind the rocks or plants in the tank, it is a clear indicator that it is sick.

How to remove dead fish from the tank : Do not hesitate to remove dead fish as they can contaminate the water by releasing toxins.

  • Detect dead fish from outside before opening the cover.
  • If the fish are large, you may have to open the entire cover.
  • Do not remove them with bare hands. Use gloves or small fishing nets for their elimination.
  • Check the status of the remaining fish in the tank.

Disposal of dead fish : It is very important to dispose of dead fish in a proper way.

  • If the fish is small you can flush it down the toilet.
  • If the fish is large it can block the toilet.
  • Burying large fish in the backyard is recommended if allowed in your country.
  • You can put it in a large plastic bag, tie the bag, and properly throw it in the trash.

I hope your fish don’t die, but if they do hurry up and remove them before they release the toxins, you know what to do with them.




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