What to do with used cooking oil

Oil is one of the most common products that we can find in the kitchen and, as incredible as it may seem, it is a very polluting product if it is not treated properly. Despite this, you can still find many people who do not know what to do with used cooking oil. There are several ways in which we are going to be able to get rid of it and even be able to reuse it for other types of uses.

In any case, the last thing to do is pour it down the drain since, as we will see below, it entails serious environmental and hygiene problems.

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Why does cooking oil pollute What to do with used cooking oil

One of the things that can be most surprising when talking about cooking oil is that it is a polluting product. It must be taken into account that it is a product that we use in our diet, so, in principle, it seems that it is a natural product and that it should not have negative effects on the environment.

Although oil is a natural product, it is also a product that can be very harmful to the environment . This is mainly because, as we all know, water and oil do not mix. This means that, when the oil reaches the rivers or the seas, it remains floating on the surface, which means that the water cannot be properly oxygenated. This affects both the flora and fauna of aquatic ecosystems , which end up drowning.

In addition, in the same way that it prevents the correct oxygenation of the water, it also prevents the passage of solar rays , which prevents aquatic plants such as algae from photosynthesis, which ends up leading to the death of the aquatic flora and, consequently , also of the fauna associated with it.

Likewise, in the event that the oil falls on land, the effects will be similar, since it will prevent the oxygenation of the same, as well as the free circulation of water and, in a short time, that land will become completely sterile by not be suitable for the growth of any type of plant. how do you dispose of cooking oil at home how to recycle

On the other hand, in addition to being a problem for the correct oxygenation of the waters and the fertility of the earth, oils are also a type of sticky substances that adhere very easily to any surface. This has a negative effect in any environment in which it is spilled, both in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and in the pipes themselves, which end up blocked because of the oil that acts like glue and forms a paste of waste and dirt. that remains stuck to the walls of the pipes and that, many times, must be replaced by new ones.

In view of all the above, it is clear that it should never be flushed down the drain. So what can you do with it?

Reuse it to cook again

It is a fairly simple solution and it will also help us save some money. In this case, once we finish frying, what we should do is let it cool down and store it in a container until the next time you use it. In this way, it will be completely consumed and we will avoid having to throw it away. how do you dispose of cooking oil at home

Make it solid

However, despite reusing the oil in the kitchen, you will always end up leaving a part that is in very bad condition to be used in meals. In these cases, an available option is to purchase a product specifically formulated to turn used cooking oil into a solid . These products are usually sold in most supermarkets. A tablespoon of the product is mixed with the excess oil indicated on the package and, in a few minutes, a dry and solid mass is formed that can be thrown away without problem.

Take it to a clean point to recycle it What to do with used cooking oil

On the other hand, a simpler option will consist of storing the it in a container and, when we have a considerable quantity, take it to a recycling point. These recycling points can be found in some cities next to glass or cardboard recycling bins. However, if you do not have an oil recycling container nearby, you can always go to the nearest clean point, be it a fixed or mobile clean point. If you want to know where to find the closest clean point to your home, the safest thing is that all the necessary information will appear on the website of your local City Council. how do you dispose of cooking oil at home how to recycle

However, beyond these ways of disposing of used cooking oil, there are also other more creative ones that allow this polluting waste to be disposed of, giving it a new useful life:

Make soap

It is the most traditional way to reuse. To do this, simply mix the used oil with a portion of caustic soda and a little water according to the traditional recipe. It is a simple but effective way to take advantage of the oil and, at the same time, to obtain a natural soap that will be used to wash clothes or hands.

Make oil candles What to do with used cooking oil

Another way to dispose of used oil is to use it to make candles. In this case, it is best to mix it with a few drops of essential oil , for example lavender, which will make it smell pleasant.

Make biofuel

Finally, we can contact a company that manufactures biofuels and that may be interested in collecting it, since it can be transformed into a useful fuel for some transport vehicles.

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