Who Invented Email

Who Invented Email: VA Shiva Ayyadurai has the copyright on the creation of electronic mail or “email” Shiva began building the system in 1978 at the age of 14. The National Science Foundation was looking to educate young people in computer programming, that’s when Shiva came in and modeled the communication system used at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey. His task was to replicate the traditional mail system of the University electronically.



Who Invented Email: In 1981, Shiva Ayyadurai won honors at the Westinghouse Science Awards for its “high reliability, broadband network and electronic mail system.” Copyright for the term EMAIL was awarded to Shiva in 1982, after which it won a contest. at the White House for developing a system to automatically analyze and classify email messages.

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Who Invented Email: As required by the Copyright Office Regulations, Shiva deposited portions of the original source code with the program, verifying that the code corresponded to what we now know as email. With this, she received a second registration certificate for the “EMAIL User’s Manual” that she had prepared to accompany the program and which teaches how to use the email functions.

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