Who Invented The Telephone?

It is the architect of large corporations and the device by which companies around the world quickly expanded by doing business in an agile way regardless of the distance that separated them from their customers and suppliers. Telephone Invention Facts short history of the telephone history of the telephone timeline history of the telephone for kids

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The phone has changed little and nothing, saving aesthetics and options, its operation remains practically the same, that is, we dial a number, and the person to whom it corresponds answers. In this post we will find the history of the telephone and its evolution to this day. short history of the telephone

In what year was the telephone invented? Telephone Invention Facts

The origin of the telephone dates back to 1854, when Antonio Meucci designed and built a device, based on an idea he had had when experimenting with a medical technique, as we can see below in more detail, in order to be able to communicate with his wife , prostrate on the top floor of her house.

Over time, he came to the conclusion that his invention could be very profitable, which is why he started on the hazardous path of patenting his invention, which he called “Teletrófono”. Meucci made several public appearances where the voice of a singer was even broadcast. history of the telephone timeline

Unfortunately, he was unable to obtain funding to continue developing or patenting his invention, a fact that was taken advantage of by Alexander Bell, who after a confusing curtain of corruption and cheating, managed to patent the phone as if it were his invention.  history of the telephone for kids

This opened years later a heated debate to know exactly who was the true inventor of the telephone , a question to which we will try to give an answer below these lines.

Who invented the telephone?

Who invented the mobile phone: Most people believe that the inventor of the telephone was the Scotsman Alexander Graham Bell, which is not true. The American Congress, in 2002, in resolution 269, recognized that the official inventor of the telephone was the Italian Antonio Meucci, who in 1860 had already described the device in an Italian-language newspaper in New York under the name of “Teletrophone” . telephone invention facts

Who invented the mobile phone: Antonio Meucci  had a life with several activities, one of them was medicine, in which the Italian treated patients with small shocks. One time, Meucci had placed an electrode connected to a copper wire in a patient’s mouth and when he went to connect the device in another room, he heard the sound of the patient’s moaning, he saw that the voice could be propagated by electrical signals.

To develop his invention, Meucci moved to a city near New York, where he set up a candle factory and with the money he earned, he perfected his prototype telephone. The novelty was a great success at the time, mainly for the Italian colony in the United States. 

Who invented the mobile phone: Despite the success of the invention, Meucci did not obtain investors or anyone who decides to bet on his idea because they did not see the usefulness of a “talking telegraph.” history of the telephone for kids

Going through various health and financial problems, Meucci didn’t even have the money for the $ 250 he needed to patent his invention. The patent was made by Graham Bell, who took all the glory of being the inventor of the telephone for many years.

Meucci went to court several times against Graham Bell, however when he was close to achieving an end of the story in the Supreme Court, he died, burying the case and automatically, Graham Bell was left with the fame and the millions that the invention generated .

history of the telephone timeline
history of the telephone timeline

Elisha Gray was another of the inventors fighting for patents on the telephone set. In several legal confrontations, Gray and Bell came into direct conflict, and Bell eventually received the patent. In 1880, Gray became a professor of dynamic electricity at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

The injustice was only resolved when an American politician from the Italian community asked the US Congress to correct the case, in June 2002.

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