Why do roses have thorns

The rose bush is the quintessential ornamental plant and has been that way for many years. In fact, the origins of cultivated roses are said to date back to gardening in ancient Imperial China and in Hindu and Greek mythology they were associated with the goddess of love and beauty. It was also highly revered in Pharaonic Egypt. Why do roses have thorns rose thorns quotes why do plants have thorns roses have thorns quote

The reason for its popularity comes, among other things, for its aroma, soft and exquisite, for the attractiveness of its beautiful flowers, its elegant appearance, and its variety of colors. However, roses hide a small problem: sometimes they can prick because of the thorns. rose thorns quotes why do plants have thorns roses have thorns quote

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The rose is the most famous flower in the world. Few public or private gardens lack it. And it is that among other things, it offers multiple possibilities of color, with infinite nuances, as well as smell. Its maintenance is simple and its resistance is great, which together with its extreme beauty makes it highly appreciated among garden lovers.

But in addition to all these peculiarities, roses have thorns. Have you ever wondered why? The explanation is very simple. All living beings develop defense mechanisms against their predators and, as you can imagine, the roses were not going to be less.

rose thorns quotes

Thus, in the same way that occurs with cacti and thistles, for example, roses use their thorns to prevent certain animals , such as birds or small mammals, from damaging them. In fact, there are people who plant climbing roses in some places in their gardens to deter thieves and thus keep their property safe.

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