Why do we like the sounds of nature

Waves lapping at the shore of the beach, the song of the birds at dawn, their cooing, a fine rain, a forest path, the crackle of a bonfire, the running of a stream … They are pleasant sounds of nature, that calm and renew us. Contrary to what happens with the violence of thunder or the restlessness caused by a hurricane wind, the most harmonious soundtrack of nature is like an injection of life. Why do we like the sounds of nature

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But why do we like those nice sounds ? Science has found that the pleasure of immersing yourself in a green acoustic environment, whether physically or virtually through sound recording, has a salutary effect. Its sounds fight stress, help to concentrate and transmit joy and happiness to us on a conscious and subconscious level.

A healthy atmosphere

Ecosystems always generate unique concerts , which vary depending on the cycles of Nature , including the lunar phases, the seasons and a myriad of factors derived from the environment. It is, in short, an atmosphere of which we are a part, in which we feel integrated in an almost hypnotic way.

As happens when we hug a tree, listening to these sounds normalizes organic functions and transmits us at the same time a good dose of energy, improving our mental and physical health. Why do we like the sounds of nature

There are many experts who study this echo, that beat of life and its beneficial effects, which could even be therapeutic. Eva Julián Adán, researcher and musicologist, has been involved in the subject since 1989. “The music of Nature affects our feelings and emotions. It stimulates our energy levels and stabilizes the emotional field, ”he says. In fact, good results have been obtained, as Eva Julian Adan has shown with experiences with animals in captivity, with sick people or with newborns. Why do we like the sounds of nature

Listening to the sound of the waves and the sounds of the forest just 10-15 minutes an hour before sleeping improves sleep. The sounds of nature unconsciously affect the brain causing a feeling of serenity, joy and happiness. Why do we like the sounds of nature

A study conducted by psychologists shows that the sounds of nature and relaxing music decrease the influence of depression in a person by 20-25%. To do massage, gymnastics or Tibetan meditation our sounds will help to create a pleasant and suitable environment for these practices.

But the main thing here is to listen to your body because the sounds must be pleasant for you. If you like the sound of the sea more than the song of the birds, it will be better to listen to what you prefer.

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