Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

Although, perhaps, the word “asbestos” does not sound like anything to you, if you look around you you will be able to realize that it is present in an infinity of materials. Pipes, boilers, partitions, building beams … Asbestos is a very useful material, but it has different risks that you should be aware of. Why is Asbestos Dangerous


  1. My husband and I finally saved up enough to buy a new home and we’re really excited to move out of our small apartment. Our landlady offered her ancestral properly to us but my mom has warned be about old structures having asbestos. Now I know that being exposed to this material is dangerous as it causes a lot of lung problems like fibrosis and cancer. This is because the fibers are very microscopic that it stays in the air and is very likely to be inhaled. Knowing this now, I should hire a surveyor to check for dangerous materials like these in the properties that we plan to buy.

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