Windows Server Remote Administration via RSAT

Windows Server 2012/2016 remote administration will be done through RSAT (Remote Support Administration Tools).

We are going to guide you by steps and with images, so that you can easily understand the whole process.

Step One: Download RSAT Tools

Firstly, it is necessary to download the RSAT Tools for the specific Client; For example, if you want to manage your Windows Server 2012/2016 from your Windows 10 client, you will need to download the RSAT for Windows 10.
These Tools can be found on this  official Microsoft page .

It is important that you download the RSATs for the Customer in Question.

Step 2: Install Remote Support Administration Tools (RSAT)

Once the RSAT Tool has been downloaded , proceed to install it on the computer from which you want to manage the Windows 2012/2016 servers.

To do this, execute the file by double clicking, this will launch the installation process. Remember that you must be logged in to the domain with sufficient permissions before starting the Installation .

The first thing the system does is to check if the following Microsoft update “ KB2693643” is installed . Click on the Yes button to continue the installation process.

Next, another window will appear waiting for us to accept the license terms in order to continue with the installation, in our case we click on the I ACCEPT button .

After a few minutes a notification will appear indicating that the installation has finished successfully.

Now go to the Windows 10 START menu and you will be able to locate the folder named “ Windows Administrative Tools ” with all the newly Installed consoles, including the “ Server Management ” tool . The latter is created outside the “ Windows Administrative Tools ” folder ( See the Next Image )

Step 3: Verify Remote Administration Enabled

Before continuing, we make sure that the “ Remote Administration ” option  that comes in our Windows 2012/2016 Servers is Enabled . This is the default value so it will probably appear like this.

How to start managing remotely after installation

To be able to start working with these consoles or MMC we will select, for example, “ Active Directory Users and Computers ” inside the “ Windows Administrative Tools ” folder . Remember that the Client from which we execute the Windows Administration or RSAT tools must be in DOMAIN (company.local) and we have had to log in to the domain with an account with sufficient permissions, for example [email protected] ; In the event that the team is WORKGROUP or group work, it will give us an error and the console will appear completely empty.

After executing “ Active Directory Users and Computers ” the console will be displayed waiting for us to connect. We will do this by clicking the right mouse button on the red x and we will select the option “ Change the Domain Controller ” and we will name it, in our case “ ”

Next, we will click on the Accept button in a few seconds our well-known “ Active Directory Users and Computers ” console will appear . Now we can work as if we were in front of the console, inside our Windows Server.

We can also run the “ Server Manager ” Tool , which was installed when installing the RSAT tools. Then we will click on the option “ Add other servers to manage ” and we will enter the DNS name of our Domain Controller, for example, to finish we will click on the Accept button.

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