What is Windows

Windows Definition

Microsoft Windows known simply as Windows (windows); It is a graphical interface operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows is used primarily on personal computers, some versions of servers, and mobile devices.
Windows is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It has virtual memory management capabilities and support for various peripheral devices. By having a graphical GUI interface, it eliminated the need to type each command on the command line (MS-DOS), allowing you to use the mouse to navigate through drop-down menus, dialog boxes, buttons, labels, and icons.

Slowly Microsoft Windows began to dominate personal computers. Currently it has become the most used operating system in the world, it is estimated that Windows represents 90% of the operating system market.

Microsoft Windows version 1.0 was introduced in November 1983. Since its release, there have been more than a dozen versions. The most current version for end users is Windows 8.1 with a future version called Windows 10.

What is it for?

Being an operating system, the main function of Windows is to manage system (computer) resources. It is the base program that runs when you turn on the computer, allowing you to install and run applications for managing documents, images, video, etc.


The abbreviation for Windows is  WIN.

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