Work and study, is it possible

Making the decision to try to complete professional training combining it with your daily work is not easy, and it is a question that has always worried countless people before you.

For this reason, on this occasion we want to address this interesting topic and try to guide your doubts about how to achieve it.

Let us first present you with a series of cases turned into mini stories.

Story No. 1: You are young and leave your studies to start working. You innocently think that later you will be able to recover them, and that “later” turns into years and obligations, until that fateful day arrives that you don’t even remember anymore, in which you definitively forget your pretensions and your dreams.

Story No. 2: You haven’t been lucky enough to have ample parents who have been able to pay for your education, and since your grades haven’t been the best, you don’t even consider starting to study, and you try to find a job that allows you to move forward , which is not little today.

Story No. 3: You were always good at studying, so when choosing your studies, you opted for a well-paid profession, but deep down, it neither fulfills nor satisfies you. You think that there is no longer time to change, although sometimes you would like to do it and jump into the pool.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these stories? These are only three possibilities of the many that exist that cause the possibility of combining studies and work to be considered at some point.

We would love to help you make up for that lost time and fight again for your dreams, because in reality, combining work and study with a good approach is indeed possible.

Why you shouldn’t give up working and studying at the same time

It would be impractical to leave a job today to start studying again, but giving up getting training that can give you the necessary knowledge to get ” that ” job in which you really feel comfortable and valued is not an impossible mission.
It is clear that working and studying at the same time is not easy and that to successfully overcome this stage you will have to make an effort. If you’re up for it, read on.

Necessary values ​​to combine studies with work

  1. Decision . If you are not convinced, do not do it, but of course you will need a firm decision that supports your purpose.
  2. Choice . Choose a study center that suits your needs, and not that you should be the one who adapts to the center. Discuss it expressly with your study advisor so that it is clear that the schedule is flexible and you can contact your teacher when you need it.
  3. Organization . The ideal would be to learn to prioritize tasks and incorporate a calendar into your day to day life that allows you to have your agenda under control
  4. Complicity . If possible, seek the complicity of your closest relatives, explaining to them that for a time you will have to make an extraordinary effort and you will need support and understanding.
  5. Clear and defined goals . You will need a lighthouse that lights you up on the grayest days and that lighthouse will be your goals. Take some time to create firm and solid goals that bring out the best in you to face the challenge of working and studying at the same time. Why do you really study again? It may be for a better job, for working in the profession you have always wanted, for showing yourself that you are capable… Define it and create an image that reminds you of it. Always have it on hand to overcome bad times.

Tricks to organize work and studies

Once you have made the decision to go ahead with your intention to work and study at the same time, it is time to organize and adapt your life to this new stage. To do this, you can help yourself with some tricks like the ones we suggest below:

  1. Get used to using an Agenda. Virtual or physical, it is essential to not forget anything and keep tasks under control. In it, write down the timing of your subjects and make a planning of the time necessary to study each week. Try to stick to it firmly but don’t get stressed if you don’t always get it. Also set aside time each night to write down other obligations that you should not forget, both at home and at work. Also take the opportunity to cross out the tasks that have already been carried out (this way you will have the feeling that you are fulfilling your program, which will increase your motivation)
  2. Declare war on the scatter. Distracting yourself before doing a task or procrastinating is one of the bad habits that you will have to overcome. For this you must arm yourself with a dose of will to fulfill your commitments without succumbing. Working and studying at the same time imposes sacrifice, so do not forget to have something that reminds you of the benefits that you will achieve if you continue with your program.
  3. Learn to delegate. Realize that sometimes you will need to delegate to other people. Be patient with yourself and let yourself help when you need it.
  4. Rest. This new stage will require all your energy, so although it may seem like a contradiction, you should incorporate a rest time into your schedule that allows you to keep up the pace. Remember! working and studying at the same time is like an endurance race, not a speed race. You need to optimize your time to perform more, not get burned out by trying to cover everything too quickly.

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